Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes/Day 2 - Trial Former

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This trial will be unlike all of the previous ones: from here on, only Ema can help you, as there won't be a Fey to help you out… or will there? Also, with Gumshoe out of the way, you're going to have to get used to the new players in this courtroom. It's not going to be pretty.

In the courtroom

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Edgeworth calls Angel Starr to the stand. Usually, they call a detective, but according to Edgeworth, Angel was – until two years ago – a "first rate" homicide detective. Angel proceeds with describing the crime.

  • The parking lot at the Prosecutor's Office is divided into two blocks.
  • A Block is for the Prosecutor's Office personnel.
  • B Block is for visitors and clients.
  • A chain divider separates the two blocks.
  • The crime took place by a car in the back of A Block, in the car's trunk.
  • The killer stabbed the victim with a knife and went to drive the body out of the garage.

The Parking Lot Floor Plans will be added to the Court Record. Angel says she witnessed the very moment of the crime — things are looking grim for you already.

Angel's Testimony: Witness's Account

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Angel's Testimony
- Witness's Account -

  1. Somehow, I always knew a day like this would come.
  2. I was on my way to deliver a lunchbox to my boyfriend…
  3. When I sensed something… perhaps it was my finely-honed detective instincts working.
  4. Then, through a wire fence, I saw the chief prosecutor standing next to a garish car.
  5. The chief prosecutor was holding a knife in her right hand…
  6. Then, she thrust the pointy tip of the knife into Detective Goodman's chest!

Witness's Account: Cross-examination

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Press Angel's first and second statements. Angel tells you that the reason she hates prosecutors is that they fired her. She was bringing a lunchbox to her boyfriend in the security guard room, which is above A Block, overlooking the whole lot from its glass front window. Now press the fourth statement. Because she was a visitor, she had to park in B Block, which is where she witnessed the crime — from thirty feet away. Angel then presents a photograph, taken at the moment of the crime, showing a person that is certainly Lana. The Crime Photo will be added to your Court Record.

Present the Crime Photo on Angel's fifth or sixth statement. It doesn't look like she was holding a knife. However, Edgeworth objects, saying Angel actually took the photo the moment after the crime, because blood was already splattered on her coat. Edgeworth sees no problem with this. You have a choice to object or accept. Choose "Objection!". Didn't Angel say she took the picture at the moment of the murder? She takes it lightly, however and admits she was a little off. Angel then says Lana committed the murder in a premeditated way. As you can see in the Crime Photo, Lana was wearing rubber, surgical gloves. Why would she be wearing them if she didn't know she'd be handling a bloody corpse? The judge then demands that Angel add that into her testimony.

  • The murder was planned! The rubber gloves prove it!

Present Edgeworth's Knife on that statement. Lana didn't prepare the most important thing: the murder weapon. It's hard to believe that the murder could be premeditated when she used a knife that just happened to be in Edgeworth's trunk. If she had planned it, would she really have forgotten to bring the murder weapon? Edgeworth doesn't seem to care though — he will accept a Guilty verdict whether Lana planned the murder or not. Angel still insists that the act was premeditated, and seems to have more cause for this deduction. The judge then asks her for a new testimony to bring her reasoning to light.

Angel's Testimony: Angel's Deduction

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Angel's Testimony
- Angel's Deduction -

  1. Lana Skye intended to murder Detective Goodman!
  2. That's why she called the victim all the way to the Prosecutor's Office.
  3. I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor had a grudge against the victim.
  4. Nothing else could drive that human machine to plunge the knife in again and again…

Angel's Deduction: Cross-examination

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Present Goodman's Autopsy Report against Angel's fourth statement. It says that Goodman was stabbed once. Angel thought that Lana stabbed Goodman more than once, because she mistook something that looked like blood at her breast. The judge has Angel testify as to what she thought looked like blood.

  • Her red muffler looked like blood to me… that's how ghastly the whole scene was.

Present the Crime Photo on that statement. Edgeworth states that according to the photo, Lana wasn't wearing a muffler. Angel swore she saw something red. The judge has Angel testify to her mistake. Finally, you're making progress. But at the same time, Edgeworth is stealing your thunder!

Angel's Testimony: Apprehending the Suspect

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Angel's Testimony
- Apprehending the Suspect -

  1. After the murder, the suspect attempted to run behind a partition off to her side.
  2. I quickly caught her, explained her rights to her, and arrested her on the spot.
  3. Ah yes. When I arrested her, she mentioned the muffler!
  4. That's what had me confused in my earlier testimony!
  5. The chief prosecutor made to escape, but against Angel Starr, resistance is futile!

As Angel and Lana were struggling, Lana knocked over an oil drum. You begin the cross-examination.

Apprehending the Suspect: Cross-examination

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Press Angel's second statement. Angel says she was 30 feet away from her before Lana was arrested. Press her further. Angel earlier claimed to have witnessed the murder from the B Block. There was a chain link fence separating the two parking blocks. Angel says she climbed over the 9-foot fence to get to Lana. How could she do that with so little time?

Press on Angel's third statement. Angel heard Lana say the word "muffler" on her phone. Ask further. Lana attempted to use the emergency phone at first, but it was out of order. The Cell Phone is updated in the Court Record. Angel adds a testimony about the emergency phone.

  • She gave up trying to use the phone on the wall and just used her cell phone!

3DS Trilogy: The text is different on this statement. it's replaced as "I saw it all -- how she tried the phone on the wall but had to use her cell instead".

If you press her on this statement, the parking lot Floor Plans will appear, where she will detail what she saw and where. If Angel had witnessed the crime from where she claims she was, she would not have seen Lana use the phone, because of the partition that was in the way.

Angel has to be lying, so present the Parking Lot Floor Plans on this statement. Edgeworth wants to know what she is lying about. Say "Where she saw it". If Angel saw Lana use the phone, she might have seen it in a different location. The judge wants to know where. You examine the Floor Plans. Present where it's labeled "Security Room". Earlier Angel said that she was selling a lunch to one of her "boyfriends" there. That must be where she saw the crime.

Ema then notices something odd. Why would Angel lie? Edgeworth presents the Crime Photo to remind you that Angel took the picture from Block B. The judge wants to know what Angel is lying about and tells Phoenix to do so. Ema then recalls what you know so far. Angel says that she saw the crime from the Security Room, but she lied about seeing it from Block B. Phoenix wonders what would change by that. Choose the "Distance to the crime". Though the Security Room was also about 30 feet away from the crime, what matters is how long it took to reach the suspect. As you know from the crime scene, the door to A Block was locked, so Angel had to take the long way around to B Block. It took Angel five minutes to get there. Five minutes?! Raise an objection at this point. If it took five minutes for Angel to reach the crime, Lana would have had a chance to run. Looks like you were able to take advantage of Angel's slip up.

The judge tries to adjourn court, but Angel persists, as she has decisive evidence. The judge, with some temptation from Angel, has her testify about this new evidence.

Angel's Testimony: Decisive Evidence

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Angel's Testimony
- Decisive Evidence -

  1. I should have mentioned those five minutes when I wasn't looking at the crime scene.
  2. And now, to the matter to the victim's shoe… Did I not bring this up…?
  3. Two types of blood were found on this shoe! One was of course the victim's.
  4. And the other blood type... matched that of the defendant, Ms. Lana Skye!
  5. This shoe proves it! It's flawless, decisive evidence!

The reason Angel didn't present it at first is that she didn't trust Edgeworth, who refuses to accept the evidence, as it doesn't conform to the first rule of evidence law: no evidence shall be shown without the approval of the Police Department. Angel says that just today, behind Edgeworth's back, she took the evidence to forensics for blood testing, and afterwards got permission from the Police Department to submit it as evidence. The Victim's Shoe is added to the Court Record. You now start cross-examining.

Decisive Evidence: Cross-examination

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Press Angel's fifth statement. Ema wants to know if there is a problem. Say "There's a problem". You automatically check the Shoe. Rotate it so you can see the bottom. There is blood there, so present it. Edgeworth wants you to show the contradiction. Present the Crime Photo. If there was blood, then why weren't there any footprints? Edgeworth then reminds you what Angel said about apprehending the suspect. Lana knocked over an oil drum during the struggle. The oil drum was actually full of water, so Lana used it to wash away the footprints. This proves that Lana tried to hide the evidence.

Just by that, the judge decides to declare the verdict. You don't know what to do, and Ema says that since Angel is working on the prosecutor's side, she could be lying. Angel hears this and presents another photo of the crime: the body itself is in the trunk of the car. You also see that the asphalt around the car is wet. This picture shows that the shoe was indeed the victim's, and that the evidence of the footprints had been washed away, thus erasing all doubt from the court.

Now you and Ema have nothing left to save Lana… or have you? You hear a voice, Mia's voice, telling you not to give up. Phoenix stops the court's verdict and presents the latest photograph. You automatically examine the Photo. Look closely, and you will see something in the car's muffler. Present this to the court. Does "muffler" sound familiar? When given the chance, present Lana's Cell Phone. Earlier, Angel testified that Lana mentioned "muffler" in her very brief phone call. She could have been referring to the cloth inside the car's muffler. Thus, you finally give the judge a reason to continue the case. He calls a half hour recess ("it's lunchtime, after all.")