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Valery Starikov

A society as the open system constructed on the relations of conflict and control between different personality types.

Staricov Valery Vladimirovich.

This textbook is abstract version of my textbook "Интересное обществознание" on Russian Wikibooks

Chapter on economics have been written on base of textbook “Economics” by Igor Vladimirovich Lipsic and this chapter has been redacted by this author.

If the readers have questions to the author of this textbook Valery Starkov, that readers can ask their questions to Valery Starkov on the site Berforum. It is a Russian-language forum, but readers can ask your questions in English.

My theory of interrelation between social conflict and social control


Theory of personality types

The theory of systems


History of the philosophy
The philosophical foundations of my theory of the interrelation between social conflict and social control


Body language and symbolic interactionism
Methods of a sociological research
Sociology of revolution
Geographical direction in sociology
Social Darwinism
Sociometry and small groups
Psychology of crowd
Social organization
Functions of the family
Social mobility, inequality and stratification
Deviant behavior

Political science

Political science
The theory of war
Forms of Government
Political regimes
Utopia is at power. Forecasts and results of the Communist experiment
The essence of totalitarianism
The essence of principle for the separation of powers.
Forms of territorial arrangement. Sovereign democracy in Russia  
Political parties
The essence of social utopia
Political elite 
Machiavelli about ways of armed   seizure of power

The theory of evolution in physics, biology and sociology
The law as science
Global and environmental issues
Sociology of religion. Mechanism of religious control.
Cultural studies
Pedagogy.  School