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Causes of the crisis of modern western family and Russian family. Government’s attempts to control fertility[edit]

There are following functions of the family:[edit]

Production of healthy posterity.

Economic function. For example, family’s members together ploughed the land or worked in craft workshop .

Function of transfer for status. For example, the King passed his throne by eldest son or by eldest brother in frames King’s dynasty. Noble gave own title and richness to his son.

Socialization. For example, the handicraftsman trained in own profession by own son.

Social insurance. For example, the son is obliged to feed by own old and ailing parents.

The causes of crisis for modern western family and Russian family.[edit]

William Fielding Ogborn had asserted that family lost its functions during the past two hundred years. Other organizations began to perform above-mentioned functions of family today. For example, industrial corporation has became the main productive group today rather than the family of craftsman or the farmer in the past. There are forecasts that children can be grown up from a test tube, experiments on artificial insemination are conducted already today. The educational institution, but not family, makes training and gives the status in the form of the diploma about education today. The pension fund, jobcenter, labor union, nursing home and the insurance companies, but not family, perform function of social insurance in case of disability, a disease, unemployment or an old age of the person today. It became unprofitable to have many children since children have stopped being workers in a household. Some sociologists have stated the forecast: "Farewell family!", that is the family as social institute has to disappear in the near future since family has ceased to perform any functions in society. Crisis of traditional family is shown in decrease in birth rate, in growth of a share of incomplete families and the number of divorces, in growth of popularity of the alternate family forms.

Talcott Parsons rightly refuted this viewpoint and Talcott Parsons clarified that family has lost their functions only partially, but family has retained such functions as socialization of children at early age, preparing to fulfillment of the complex roles and emotional satisfaction. Only mother can bring up the child aged up before one year, and the high level of incidence and mortality, aggressions and cruelty is observed among the children from children's home deprived of maternal caress from infantile age, Only the father can teach own son to manage by people and only the father can teach own son to submit by chiefs. In my observation in school, the boys who have grown up without father are uncontrollable often since mother can't cope with them at teenage age often. it is possible to bring up the son only on the example of the father. Lonely people can't remove stresses in family and lonely people are forced to do it by means of consumption by alcohol and drugs.

Conclusion: the family is a great social invention and the family will not disappear until a mankind exist.

The degree of the success in love and degree of sexuality at different personality types[edit]

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Flirtation is fight too and the result of this fight depends on degree of success in love for various types of the personality. One lover is always the victim, and another - the hunter in fatal love. To find out this degree of the success in the love and the degree of sexuality of different types of personality, I have conducted an empirical research among students of the Berezniki building technical school in 1999 in the form of anonymous poll.

It was interviewed 50 people (45 girls and 5 young men) at the age of 17‐18 years, which were trained on the specialty by building accountant. Shares of types of the personality among respondents make: psychologists - 40%, technicians - 38%, speakers - 20%, theorists - 2% though technicians are most suitable for a profession of the construction accountant, psychologists - aren't suitable at all, theorists and speakers are suitable partly.

Five questions have been asked by respondents:

1. Who are you in the love, “victim” or “hunter”?

2. How often were you “victim” or “hunter”?

3. Who are you according to the type of personality?

4. What methods do you use in the love or what tricks you have fallen in love?:

A). To feed hopes, to keep in hover, without answering neither "yes", nor "no".

B). To kindle jealousy.

C), to deceive, to promise and not to carry out.

G), something still.

5). What qualities are pleasant to you in darling?

The following results of poll have been received:

• 16% of respondents named themselves by “victim”, 32% ‐ by “hunters”, other respondents combat with variable success.

• All technicians use only the method “A”. The majorities of psychologists (74%) use the method “B”. The majorities of speakers (56%) use the method “A”, other speakers (34%) ‐ method “B”.

• The most valued qualities of darling are force (68%), beauty (68%), wealth (60%), sexuality (42%), penetrative abilities (30%), mysterious (22%), mind (20%), humor (8%), kindness (8%), tenderness (4%). TThe most valued qualities at this age ‐ force, beauty, sexuality, mysterious, mind ‐ have biological character and can quite make a basis of "Anima" or "Animus". Such qualities, as wealth and penetrative abilities have social nature, it is possible that their value for respondents increases with age.

• Speakers achieve the greatest success in this love-game, the ratio of victories and defeats at speakers reaches 3/2 or 1,5. Psychologists achieve quite good results, the ratio of victories and defeats at psychologists reaches 1/1 or 1. Technicians make not enough success in flirtation, the ratio of victories and defeats at technicians makes 3/16 or 0,19. Theorists aren't able to play this game absolutely, the ratio of victories and defeats at them makes 0/5.

• Psychologists win first place on degree of the sexuality, that is by the average number of lovers or mistresses on one person, – 3,75, speakers take the second place – 2,6, technicians take the third place – 1,6.

Is possible to make the conclusion that potential “hunters” in flirtation are the speakers and psychologists, potential “victims” in flirtation are technicians and theorists. Speakers surpass other personality types in success in flirtation. Psychologists concede to speakers on success in flirtation a little, but psychologists surpass by speakers in degree of sexuality and the number of lovers or mistresses.

Recommendations concerning the choice of the husband. How can you marry on the rich person?[edit]

The Princess of Wales at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival
Charles, Prince of Wales
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Monica Lewinsky
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Inessa Armand
Nadezhda Krupskaya
Vladimir Lenin

It is necessary at the beginning of this paragraph to give the description of good and bad inclinations of each personality type during the playing of the role of husband, then It is necessary to give acceptable and unacceptable combinations in the marriage between the different personality types, then It is necessary to give problems for each combination and reason for divorce in marriage.

Psychologist has the following advantages in the family life:

  • High sexuality.
  • Ability to implicitly submit and settle the conflicts from a position from below, ability to create a warm microclimate in family.

Psychologists have the following shortcomings:

  • Inclinations to unemployment and to total absence of stable own income.
  • Such parasitic traits of character as infantilism, laziness and aspiration to live at the expense of the spouse.
  • Inclinations to adulteries.
  • Unability and unwillingness to perform works on cleaning and repair of apartment, household appliances, on cooking, on cultivation of a kitchen garden.
  • Useless for family Hobby by poetry, art, magic, religion which sometimes leads him to the introduction in dangerous religious sects.

Woman‐psychologists begin sexual life earlier than other personality types. Woman‐psychologists enter into their first marriage earlier than other personality types and woman‐psychologists are capable to give birth to so many children how many the husband will be able to feed. The woman-psychologist agrees to play a role of the house slave often even, but it is desirable in "a gold cage", otherwise the woman-psychologist can betray by own husband and the woman-psychologist can find another husband easy. Islamic Sharia laws resolve polygamy, set the status of the wife on position of the slave and forbid her to work that quite suits many east women, the majority of whom are psychologists. Psychologists are the beloved child in family of own parents often since psychologists are able "to solicit" by parental love, it leads to emergence in character of the psychologist of such qualities as delicacy and capriciousness. If the psychologist was an unloved child in family as Joseph Stalin whom the alcoholi -father beat by Joseph Stalin often, the psychologist had the difficult childhood as tsar Ivan the Terrible then it leads to emergence of tyrannical qualities of character. There are several examples of criminal cases when psychologists ordered by murder of own parents or the husband.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that the man-psychologist is capable to fascinate for the short term after that the inevitable divorce follows. Man-psychologist is looser in the life often and man-psychologist is poorly suited to the role of husband, but man-psychologist is well suited to the role of lover. All “fateful” men were psychologists, love was their only craft in the life, which they mastered to the perfection, which caused contempt, envy and hatred in side of other men. The ability of the woman-psychologist to be a beloved wife and her inability to work was an admissible circumstance always, but it is completely inadmissible for the husband (man-psychologist). The woman-psychologist is the best candidate for a role of the mistress, but choice by woman-psychologist as the candidate for a role of the wife is connected with big risk of adultery. The psychologist and the speaker are champions by quantity of legal and civil marriages. The main goal in the woman-psychologist's life is to find the rich husband. .the woman - the psychologist places for this purpose skillfully set a trap. Some man‐psychologists have a inclination toward the nontraditional sexual orientation.

Technician has the following advantages in the family life:

  • Existence of full-time employment and income, stable, average by the size.
  • Ability and desire to be engaged in apartment renovation and household appliances, cooking, purity maintenance, cultivation of a kitchen garden.
  • Aspiration to extreme economy and even to avarice at expenses.
  • Lack of adulteries to the spouse that excludes jealousy.from side of spouse
  • Reliability, aspiration at any cost to avoid a divorce and to keep family from divorce .

Technician have the following shortcomings:

  • Low sexuality which compels his spouse to adulteries.
  • Big problems at the birth of children at woman-psychologists.
  • The inclination to carp to other family members for the least thing that provokes the conflicts and does creation of a warm microclimate in family by an impracticable task.
  • Lack of enterprise at the solution of problems that forces other spouse to undertake a burden of the solution of problems.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that a problem to marry is the most complex problem in life of the technician. Technicians get married after other personality types since technicians are chosen in the last turn and by calculation in that case when the husband needs the good housewife and the "honest" wife.

Speaker has the following advantages in the family life:

  • The highest, but not stable income.
  • Leadership abilities and high degree of enterprise, readiness to undertake a burden of the solution of financial problems and protection of family against external dangers.

Speaker has the following shortcomings:

  • Inclination to alcoholism.
  • Instability of career and Instability of the income of the speaker which puts family in a difficult situation sometimes.
  • Inclination to have a numerous and chaotic circle of acquaintances because of what there is no rest in the house when the house begins to remind the double-exit courtyard.
  • A rather large number of adulteries at the man-speaker, but even more often the man-speaker will give a reason for jealousy as the man-speaker likes to brag by own victories over women in love though often the man-speaker doesn't bring the matter to a divorce with the lawful wife. The man-speaker has no deep feelings; therefore the man-speaker betrays and throws by own mistresses for the sake of the wife or following mistresses.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that marriage with the speaker frequently resembles the risky life on the volcano with the high probability to become the victim of the unpredictable cataclysms. Speaker is the innate adventurer and speaker has a inclination toward the crimes, gamblings, and bankruptcy for the sake of big money. The speaker doesn't like to study in educational institution. The speaker has no high diligence. Unlike the psychologist, the speaker isn't the fanatic of sex. The man-speaker enjoys own highest success in love and man-speaker has a problem not how to marry but how to choose the only candidate for spouses from a large number of applicants. The woman-speaker has nontraditional sexual orientation sometimes

Theorist has the following advantages:

  • Average and stable income.
  • Long-term plan for life, inclination to accumulation of money for "rainy day". These qualities of character bring stability in family life, life of the theorist reminds the railroad by which theorist carries own family according to the schedule from one station to another station, from one purpose to another purpose (education, the apartment, career, wealth).
  • The lack of inclination to alcoholism and the small number of friends, these qualities of character guarantee rest and an order in the house.
  • Aspiration at any cost to provide high education level for itself and own children that protects from unemployment.
  • Sufficient level of sexual abilities.

Theorist has the following shortcomings:

  • Inability to work as the head or the businessman which exclude for him a possibility of high income.
  • Dictatorial manners in family, inclination to dictate the will and to teach close relatives.

It is possible to draw the conclusion that the theorist has the lowest success in the love and some problems at marriage against the background sufficient high level of the need for the sex.

The inclinations of different personality types in the family life can be generalized in the following table.

Inclination. Theorist. Speaker. Technician. Psychologist.
1. Degree of the development of sexual instinct. Average. Average. Low. High.
2. Ability to earn money. Average. High. Average. Low.
3. Degree of the development of enterprise in the solution of family problems. Average. High. Low. Low.
4. The degree of inclination toward the adulteries Average. High. Low. High.
5. Degree of inclination toward alcoholism. Low. High. Average. Average.
6. Inclination to have leader"s abilities. Low. Average. Low. Low.
7. The degree of the success in the love. Low. High. Low. High.
8. Ability to perform homework and to repair the equipment Average. Average. High. Low.

There are ten combinations in the marriage between four personality types. The main principle at the choice of the spouseis that it is necessary to choose identical or close the personality type and it is impossible to choose opposite personality type. Marriage between identical personality types protects them from psychological incompatibility. Speaker and the theorist are opposite each other personality types. Technician and psychologist are opposite each other personality types. Thus, marriage between the speaker and the theorist isn't recommended. Marriage between technician and psychologist isn't recommended.

The marriage between the psychologist and the technician is the sufficiently frequent mistake, which, conducts to a divorce often because of two insoluble contradictions:

  • because of complete sexual incompatibility of husbands.
  • because of contradiction with cleaning of apartment, since technician is neatnik, and psychologist is dirty creature.

Classical example of a similar unsuccessful marriage is the marriage between the technician Charles, Prince of Wales and psychologist Diana, Princess of Wales, the reason for divorce became mutual adulteries of spouses. Diana dreamed to marry on rich muslim Dodi Fayed, as a result Diana and Dodi perished in the car wreck. After that, the prince Charles was married on speaker Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Marriage between the speaker and the theorist occurs extremely seldom because of an insignificant share of theorists in population. Two insoluble contradictions appear in this combination of personality types:

  • Problem with numerous friends of speaker, this friends deprive by theorist of rest and this friends prevent by theorist to be engaged by scientific work.
  • The problem with cash expenditures when the theorist seeks to save up money for "rainy day", and the speaker seeks to spend by money for momentary expenses.

Example of a similar combination is marriage between the theorist Anatoly Sobchak and the speaker Lyudmila Narusova. Anatoly Sobchak has died because of a heart attack on the background of sufferings concerning crash of political career, and its daughter speaker Ksenia Sobchak is Russian TV journalist, socialite, actress and candidate in the President of Russian Federation at presidential elections 2018.

The most successful version of marriage is a marriage between identical personality types though small problems are possible in this version too.

  • The competition in a quantity of adulteries appears In the marriage between two psychologists frequently. The second problem of this combination of the personality types consists that any of two psychologists isn't able to earn money. An example of a similar marriage is the unsuccessful marriage between psychologist Lolita Milyavskaya and psychologist Aleksandr Tsekalo, this marriage has ended by divorce because of numerous mutual adulteries, after this Milyavskaya sought to marry for the millionaire. Other examples of similar marriages between two psychologists are the marriage between poets Nikolay Gumilyov and Anna Akhmatova, the marriage between singers Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum, the marriage between singers Alla Pugacheva and Philipp Kirkorov, the marriage between singers Kristina Orbakaitė and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. The marriage between Alla Pugacheva and Philipp Kirkorov has ended by divorce because of Alla Pugacheva has found other husband television presenter psychologist Maxim Galkin who has managed to construct "castle" in Moscow area.
  • There is problem with mutual cavils and grumble on the relation to each other in marriage between two technicians often. For example it is possible to point to marriage between Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse), where the wife was a leader, and Nikolay 2 has lost a throne because of own weakness, then Bolsheviks executed all imperial family, including children.
  • The fight for the leadership appears In the marriage between two speakers unavoidably, where "competition" begins in quantity of the earned money or in amount of the drunk alcoholic drinks sometimes even. For example, the successful marriage between two speakers is the marriage between Mikhail Gorbachev and Raisa Gorbacheva. The wife was the leader in this family, this circumstance irritated by the simple people very much, since historical experience demonstrates that if the governor isn't able to be by leader in own family, then he risks to lose the power in the country because of weakness of the leadership skills sooner or later as Emperor Nicholas II of Russia. It happened thus.
  • Any case of marriage of two theorists isn't known to me, as the probability to meet a similar combination is very small

Close personality types mutually supplement each other therefore similar marriages are quite admissible and very widespread.

  • The speaker is unconditional leader in the marriage between the speaker and the psychologist, the load of the solution of all problems lies down on shoulders of the speacker. This combination is very extended among the representatives of any elite, since as woman-psychologists set a trap on rich grooms speakers purposefully and woman-psychologists are capable to take away by oligarch at the legal wife even. Therefore psychologist is most dangerous rival for any wife. Reasons for the divorce Alcoholism and criminal record of speaker, adulteries and the absence of own incomes at psychologist are reasons for a divorce in the case of a similar combination. It is possible to name the marriage between speaker Peter the Great and psychologist Catherine I of Russia (born as Marta Samuilovna Skavronskaya) as an example of a similar successful marriage. Catherine I of Russia had bad reputation, since Catherine I of Russia had low origin from the serfs and Catherine I of Russia “walked along the hands” before the marriage with the Russian emperor, Catherine I of Russia was mistress of speaker Alexander Danilovich Menshikov and still several men. Catherine I of Russia was on the position of concubine for a long time before the marriage with the Peter the Great, their children (Anna and Elizabeth of Russia) have been born until a legal marriage therefore Anna and Elizabeth of Russia were considered as illegitimate and Anna and Elizabeth of Russia had no right for a throne. Therefore Elizabeth of Russia has been forced to take a throne by means of a palace revolution. Other example is a marriage of the U.S. President speaker Bill Clinton and the psychologist Hillary Clinton where Hillary was an undisputed leader which earned by hearsay more than the husband-president and Hillary beat him for adultery with the psychologist Monica Lewinsky because of whom the husband has nearly received an impeachment. But the psychologist Hillary Clinton has naturally lost to the speaker Donald Trump on elections of 2016 because psychologists naturally lose to speakers on free elections. Other examples is marriage between the speaker Brad Pitt and the psychologist Angelina Jolie.
  • Speaker becomes by the leader most often in marriage between the speaker and the technician after some period of fight. Reasons for the divorce in this case can become a certain sexual incompatibility of husbands and also adulteries of the wife psychologist, alcoholism and convictions of speaker.
  • There are following small problems in the marriage between the technician and the theorist: a certain difference into the degree sexuality and the large difference in the level of intellect (IQ), therefore theorist with difficulty, but sometimes is forced to bring mistress, theorist begins to to laugh above the mental limitedness by technician. But these two types have many common interests: both personlity types are unsociable, appreciate rest in family, have average and stable income, are able to spend by money economically, are hardworking and diligent in works.
  • There are following small problems in the marriage between the theorist and the psychologist: a certain difference into the degree sexuality and the absence of incomes at psychologist.

Polygyny and polyandry are the more complex combinations of the personality types in the marriage. These combinations occur extremely seldom and are forbidden under the law today, when three and more men enter into the marriage.

The following examples of polygyny are known from the literature:

  • The husband can have four wives in Islam under laws of Sharia.
  • The speaker Vladimir Lenin had at the same time two wives – the technician Nadezhda Krupskaya and the psychologist Inessa Armand. That to leave to Vladimir Lenin, Inessa Armand has been forced to throw five children who were have been brought up by her first husband ndependently. Nadezhda Krupskaya was an ugly woman and the sick person, she couldn't have children, but she was the good assistant to "leader" in revolutionary affairs, Krupskaya was the personal secretary who corresponded with party fellows.. Vladimir Lenin provided by own family by money before an October revolution completely. It were the stolen money and money of the German intelligence. Psychologist Joseph Stalin and Kamo (Bolshevik) sent by stolen money to Vladimir Lenin to Paris where Lenin's family rented two-room apartment and even employed by servant. Joseph Stalin was robber of banks and a racketeer in Caucasus, Joseph Stalin had six criminal records and five escapes from exile in Siberia..Kamo (Bolshevik) plundered banks and he has avoided the death penalty by miracle by a court decision thanks to the fact that he has given itself for deranged man. Vladimir Lenin have received money from the German intelligence during World War I for disorder of the Russian army шт 1917.

It is possible to give the following curious examples to the polyandry:

  • Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova had simultaneously two husbands ‐ technician Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov and psychologist Ivan Sidorovich Pokrovsky, therefore numerous children for example, Vladimir Lenin did not have precise information about that, who their biological father. There is well‐known fact that Vladimir Lenin indicated mistakenly under the entering into the university his patronymic “Ivanovich”, instead of “Ilyich”. Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova has married late and she was the supporter of free love and she worked never as many psychologists. The elder brother of Vladimir Lenin Alexander prepared attempt to assassinate of Alexander III of Russia and has been hung up by a court decision because of what opportunities for legal career have disappeared at Vladimir Lenin, and Vladimir Lenin has decided to arrange seizure of power. Ilya Ulyanov's function consisted in providing big family by money, he held a general position of the inspector of national schools of the Simbirsk province. Ivan Pokrovsky was considered formally as the family doctor.
  • Psychologist Lilya Brik had two husbands simultaneously ‐ speaker Vladimir Mayakovsky and psychologist Osip Brik. Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky was the source of money in this family and Vladimir Mayakovsky have committed suicide because of sufferings concerning the nonconventional sexual relations in his family.

It is possible to draw the following conclusions. It isn't necessary to condemn various the personality types for their inclinations in family life. Each the personality type lives and survives as it is able. Thet to marry on rich man, it is necessary to choose in husbands by the "correct" speaker who doesn't have bad inclinations. That not to receive the wife prostitute, it isn't necessary to marry by the psychologist. Not to receive the frigid wife it isn't necessary to marry on technician.