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Predictions and results of the communism.

English subtitles exist in this video. Utopia is at power.Predictions and results of the communist experiment in Russia.

Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
Fidel Castro
A "Red Train" of carts from the "Wave of Proletarian Revolution" collective farm in the village of Oleksiyivka, Kharkiv oblast in 1932. "Red Trains" took the first harvest of the season's crop to the government depots. During the Holodomor, these brigades were part of the Soviet Government's policy of deliberately taking away food from the peasants.
The White Sea–Baltic Canal was the first major project constructed in the Soviet Union using forced labor.
Explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. 5 December 1931
The rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, view across the Moscow River.

In my opinion, сommunist experiment was completed in Russia in 1991, and it is time to draw conclusions.

  • First forecast of Karl Marx: The prohibition of wars, establishment of the democratic peace between the people.

Result: When Bolsheviks have seized power and Bolsheviks have taken the responsibility for country government, Bolsheviks have shown the full incompetence at the signing of the shameful Treaty of Brest-Litovsk or, maybe, Bolsheviks have begun to betray by the national interests of Russia in exchange for money of the German intelligence. Responsibility lies on Bolsheviks for disorder of the Russian army in 1917. This defeat in war with Germany became a lesson for Bolsheviks, and Bolsheviks began to spend later all forces of the country for preparation for war. USSR has come to economic crash as a result of military rivalry with the USA during "Cold" war". The Russian Federation restored its economy under President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation was forced to continue "Cold war" against the United States because the United States had seized of all Russia 's sphere of influence in Europe while the Russian Federation pursued economic reforms on the path from socialism to capitalism. Then the United States has moved its troops and its rockets to the borders of the Russian Federation. The United States was forced to retreat before Russia for the first time in the struggle for the sphere of influence over Syria in September 2015. The fight goes between the United States and the Russian Federation for a sphere of influence over Ukraine today.

Conclusion: The total prohibition of wars is an unrealizable utopia. War is a normal and inevitable method of conducting conflict.

  • Second forecast of Karl Marx: Socialism has to win around the world.

Result: The affairs of socialism is lost almost everywhere today. The socialist regimes have remained only in Northern Korea, China and Cuba today. Hunger has come in Northern Korea, the communistic government has carried out successful test of atomic weapons and rockets in Northern Korea, the communistic government tries to blackmail world community in Northern Korea, and the communistic government asks economic help. Kim Jong-un began Chinese-style economic reforms in 2013. This allowed to get a record grain harvest in 2013. The family receives a significant part of the harvest instead of ration for their work. The family receives land for use.

Only a one - party communistic system exists in China from totalitarian regime today, and the market and a private property is restored in economy in China. A demonstration of students in Tiananmen Square demanding the restoration of democracy was crushed by tanks on 3 June 1989. But China has achieved huge successes in economic development thanks to very low cost of labor and huge diligence of the Chinese workers, as a result the cost of the Chinese goods is very low though their quality – too very low.

The hunger came in Cuba without Soviet help. Raul Castro began economic reforms in Cuba in 2008, primarily in the field of tourism.

If the Soviet state enterprises lost in foreign market to foreign private enterprises constantly, if communists lost in foreign countries on elections constantly, then the Soviet communists tried to win these countries by the armed means, to establish communist tyranny and to take away these effective enterprises from private owners in favor of the state and to make these effective enterprises by inefficient. The Russian Bolsheviks wanted to organize export of revolution, export of a utopia that means export of an Asiatic mode of production to other countries on bayonets of the Soviet soldiers or by means of the organization of seizure of power by communists from other countries on the Soviet money. The USSR has transferred the considerable amounts of money for support of communist parties and the regimes with socialist orientation worldwide. It has led to emergence of political groups in other countries which created visibility of communist work, it has led to senseless waste of state funds in the USSR that became eventually one of the reasons of economic crash of communist regime in the USSR.

  • Third forecast of Karl Marx: The market competition, exploitation of labour, a private property on means of production have to die off under socialism.

Result: Economic crash of socialism which had the following manifestations:

  1. Emergence of deficiency of separate kinds of goods. Severe hunger arose under Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin repeatedly, for example hunger in the cities during Civil war, hunger to the Volga region, hunger after beginning of collectivization, hunger after the termination of World War II. These periodic cases of hunger has led to huge loss among population. Soviet regime introduced distribution of products by cards and coupons repeatedly, that to cope with hunger. Actually Soviet regime supported the population of the country in a condition of balancing on the verge of hunger during all Soviet history. The last period of deterioration in an economic situation of the population has come in the period of Mikhail Gorbachev's government when only bread and birch sap were on shelves of shops on free sale.
  2. Non-competitive capacity of domestic industrial products on the world market. The USSR became a raw material appendage of the western economy. The USSR began to export grain abroad in wide scales in exchange for the industrial equipment from 20th years of 20 century. By the way, this circumstance became one of the main reasons of hunger after the beginning of collectivization. Thus, this hunger was artificial, this hunger was result of the wrong economic policy of communist regime. Agriculture of Russia was finally disorganized as a result of collectivization, agriculture of Russia couldn't provide satisfaction of needs of the population even of own country in the 60th of 20 century therefore communist regime was forced to import grain from abroad. The Russian Federation exports grain abroad today under president Vladimir Putin under capitalism. Soviet regime has found new export goods – oil and gas under Leonid Brezhnev. Geologists have found the new West Siberian petroleum basin. Sharp fall on oil and gas prices in the world market became one of the reasons of deficiency of many goods in Russia and one of the reasons crash of communist regime. Vulnerability of an economic situation of the country which has relied on raw materials export consists that her economic success can end suddenly with economic crash for many reasons, for example, because of exhaustion of fields of these raw materials, because of sharp falling of the prices of this kind of raw materials, because of the inventions of substitute of this kind of raw materials. For example, thermonuclear stations can become an inexhaustible power source instead of oil and gas.
  3. It has turned out that the state enterprises work less effectively, than private enterprises. Not only experience of socialism in Russia points to this fact, but also experience of government of social democrats in Sweden points to this fact too. Private firms produces production with higher quality and private firms give more of profit. This fact is admitted around the world therefore authorities try to privatize the state enterprises everywhere as far as possible. This fact is explained by the fact that the management of the state enterprise isn't afraid of bankruptcy of own enterprise and management of the state enterprise has an opportunity to pay their debts with help of funds from the state pocket, all state enterprises are unprofitable most often. Economic stimuluses at private enterprise do control at this private enterprise more effective in comparison with administrative control at the state enterprise.
  4. Exploitation of labour hasn't disappeared under socialism. The concept "exploitation" is in essence a synonym of the concept "social control", and social control can't be excluded from social structure. Worker worked under control of the businessman under capitalism, worker worked under control of the official under socialism. there is no almost any difference for the worker in that, however the businessman pays more than the official pays usually. 
  5. Remuneration according to quantity and quality of work under capitalism was replaced by remuneration according to level of position held under socialism. It was possible to work badly under socialism in general, but it was important to keep the post therefore workers loafed at the plant aimlessly, workers drank vodka at the plant, workers played cards, workers went to shop in working hours, but workers tried not to make absenteeism without valid reasons. Thus, labor discipline was very low under socialism. Collective farmers worked badly under Joseph Stalin because the authorities paid nothing to collective farmers for their work, and collective farmers began to work badly under Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev because all the same, the authorities will pay to all collective farmers equally regardless of their personal diligence in labor. Leonid Brezhnev was a lazy and sick person therefore Leonid Brezhnev worked only two hours a day at the end of life, Leonid Brezhnev read books never, and Leonid Brezhnev spent all rest of the time on hunting or watched telecasts. The Soviet elite imitated by leader always and in everything.
  6. Sector of slaveholding economy (Gulag) have arisen in the USSR under Joseph Stalin, Gulag demanded recruitment everything new and new slaves since life expectancy of prisoners was very low because of the hardest working conditions. If the prisoner exceeded norm of labour for 50%, then prisoner received also one herring ("Stalin norm") to ration of bread (800 grams of bread). If the prisoner didn't carry out norm of labour, then the prisoner received a half of norm of bread or even less (300 grams of bread) for this day and the prisoner died from hunger soon. It was senseless waste of a resource of labor. Besides it contradicts human rights. Gulag is a sample of barracks socialism.
  7. Industrialization was carried out for the account robbing the village, as a result the main export branch of Russian economy – agriculture – was ruined. There was the whole series of environmental disasters in the USSR.
  • Fourth forecast of Karl Marx: there should be a death of religion under communism, because, according to Karl Marx, religion is opium for the people.

Result: Crash of all attempts to forbid religion and blossoming of household immorality. It was succeeded to put church under control of KGB: all appointments to the post of the priest were made with the permission of the representative for affairs of religion, there were many informers among priests. A big share of priests have turned out in Gulag where many of them have died. The most part of church values were plundered by the Soviet power. Many temples were blown up or profaned by order of Soviet power. It was succeeded to undermine faith in god at a considerable part of the population, it has led to growth of number of suicides,divorce, abortions, crime rate, blossoming of household alcoholism.

  • Fifth forecast of Karl Marx: the prohibition of bourgeois culture and ideology which, allegedly, justify of exploitation of labour.

Result: Creation of the ideological machine to deception of own people, establishment of censorship, low level and poor quality of soviet culture. Talented cultural figures were forced to emigrate, talented cultural figures have turned out in prison, talented cultural figures were driven to suicide, talented cultural figures existed in obscurity, but mediocre opportunists published their books in huge circulation which were difficult to be sold. Thus, disappearance of competition among the Soviet artists have led to the general degradation of quality of the art works of created by them.

  • Sixth forecast of Karl Marx: Dictatorship of the proletariat with the subsequent dying off of the state.

Result: An arbitrariness of the authorities and the state terror against own people. Deliberate unleashing of civil fratricidal war. Prohibition of opposition parties and execution of their members. Voting was open from 1918 to 1936. Elections have turned into the farce gradually. The state became tyrannical instead of the dying off of the state, and then the state became oligarchical. The state security agencies became organizations of the state terror, this organizations changed periodically own name - Cheka, State Political Directorate. Ministry of State Security and then KGB. This organizations could act contrary to the law. Similar functions were performed by Oprichniki under Ivan the Terrible. Malyuta Skuratov was a personal executioner at this tsar. The beginning of Bolshevist terror became one of the reasons of civil war. One of the first have killed deputies of the Constituent assembly from Constitutional Democratic Party Fyodor Kokoshkin (politician) and Andrei Ivanovich Shingarev, nobody has even remembered about such "formality" as parliamentary immunity.

  • Seventh forecast of Karl Marx: Creation of classless society.

Result: Classless society – communism - remained as unrealizable utopia. There were extermination of representatives of the nobility, clergy, rich peasants, Cossacks, the bourgeoisie and merchants, confiscation of property and the state robbery under the Vladimir Lenin's slogan "You have to plunder of stolen property!". This robbery was accompanied by the execution and imprisonment of members of these classes. This robbery was followed by execution and imprisonment of representatives of these Estates of the realm. This policy has led to destruction of private business, disappearance of economic stimuluses to labour, equality in poverty, economic ruin because organizers of large production were destroyed or expelled from the country. The policy of War communism has replaced the market with direct distribution of products and clothes. But before distributing, it was necessary at first to take away from peasants these products under threat of shooting. But such unjust confiscation met with just resistance from the peasants and such unjust confiscation was one of the causes of the civil war. This war continued until Vladimir Lenin replaced a Prodrazvyorstka by Prodnalog. Prodrazvyorstka is the state robbery of peasants without any norms and restrictions. Unlike Prodrazvyorstka, the amount of a Prodnalog was known in advance and Prodnalog was less than Prodrazvyorstka. Vladimir Lenin has replaced policy of War communism by New Economic Policy. That is Vladimir Lenin has withdrawn the prohibition on small trade. Vladimir Lenin has entered convertible currency - chervonets. Vladimir Lenin has allowed to the enterprising person to become by the businessman – "NEPman" again. Joseph Stalin liquidated the New Economic Policy and Joseph Stalin repressed of "NEPmen". As a result of all these cataclysms the new ruling privileged layer – the party Nomenclature has appeared.

The conclusions from the Communist experiment

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It isn't possible to simplify of social structure. The religion, a private property, the market competition, the state, laws, money, the principle of division of the authorities, democracy, a multi-party system, the constitution, an art competition, a scientific discussion, penal system, army, law enforcement agencies, social control and the social conflict is great social inventions which will never "die off" and great social inventions cannot be abolished without prejudice to society and without the fair resistance of the population to efforts of "utopians". Self-isolation of the utopian state leads to economic crash inevitably.