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These are books that are suggested to be merged with another book.

Use {{merge}}, {{mergeto}} and {{mergefrom}}.

Pages in category "Books to be merged"

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  1. Calculus
  2. Electronics/Print Version
  3. Guide to Photographic Gear
  4. Cryptography/Print version
  5. Parallel Spectral Numerical Methods/Examples in Matlab
  6. Robotics/Print version
  7. MySQL/Print version
  8. Calculus Course
  9. Logic for Computer Scientists
  10. Logic for Computer Science
  1. C Programming/Print version
  2. C Programming/Preprocessor directives and macros
  3. Venom Academy/Ethical Hacking/Sniffing
  4. Transportation Deployment Casebook/Ridership on New York City Subway.
  5. General Astronomy/Print version
  6. IB/Group 3/Economics
  7. Cryptography/Print version
  8. Microprocessor Design/Print Version
  9. Informatics Practices for Class XI (CBSE)/Simple queries
  10. MySQL/Print version

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