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  1. Professionalism/William McNeilly and Trident
  2. Survey of Communication Study/Print version
  3. Semiconductors/Diodes from an Engineering Perspective
  4. Venom Academy/Ethical Hacking/Denial of Service
  5. Mewa User's Guide/Getting started
  6. Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2019-20/The Power of the Hijab
  7. Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2019-20/Evidence in the Nature of Crime
  8. Science: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide/Microbes
  9. Science: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide/Cells
  10. Development Cooperation Handbook/The video resources linked to this handbook/The Documentary Story/The MDGs
  1. Mewa User's Guide/Extending Mewa with custom shaders
  2. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 9
  3. Organic Chemistry/Print version
  4. Exercise as it relates to Disease/Improving executive functions in children with autism spectrum disorder through mixed martial arts
  5. Intellectual Property and the Internet/Print version
  6. Trainz/Fundamentals
  7. Visual Basic/Print version
  8. Trainz AM&C/Fixing Errors/Error: Could not load texture
  9. Proteomics/Protein Separations - Centrifugation/How the Centrifuge Works
  10. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 10

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