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Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon (アイスドラゴン) is a fictional creature in various Kirby video games and the anime. It appears to be a blue dinosaur (in the anime it was green with a yellow belly) capable of blowing ice, flying around by wagging its tail, throwing ice blocks, jumping around, and making icicles fall upon enemies. It is a boss in the video games.

In the games

[edit | edit source]

The Ice Dragon appears in Kirby's Dream Land 2 as the boss of Level 4, Iceberg. It fights Kirby inside an ice cavern, where all Kirby has to do is inhale the ice blocks it tosses at him and spit them back at it. The icicles it rains on Kirby's head can as well be easily inhaled as ammo. Its attacks are easy to anticipate.

The Ice Dragon's mini-game is rather easy to finish. The icicles that rain on Kirby's head as he goes collecting the stars are easy to dodge.

The Ice Dragon also appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards as a painting of Adeleine's, along with various other bosses from the game it originates from, including Sweet Stuff, Kracko, Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright, and Dark Matter.

In the anime

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The Ice Dragon also appears in both the pilot for the anime (it is a baby where Kirby easily inhales it to become Ice Kirby and freezes Dark Matter) and the final version of the anime itself. It appears in the Kirby anime episode, "Goodbye, Snowman Chilly", aired in the USA as "Dedede's Snow Job".

It starts out as a baby when it's delivered to King Dedede by Nightmare Enterprises, and runs away, then bringing snow to Dream Land, thus making it the very first living organism in Kirby's universe to bring Winter to Dream Land. It also creates Chilly from its snow, who befriends Kirby. Chilly secretly tries to kill Kirby, but Kirby doesn't mind it playing rough with him. Chilly runs away, leading Kirby and his friends to find the Ice Dragon, who is now a full-grown adult. Kirby, becoming Ice Kirby after inhaling one of the dragon's crystal snowflakes, and having Chilly's help, manages to defeat it by freezing it from the inside since Meta Knight has pointed out that its exterior can withstand the cold. The Ice Dragon, frozen into a giant ice block, simultaneously explodes, and Summer returns to Dream Land once again.

The type used for the Ice Dragon is Frozen. Interestingly, the Ice Dragon in the anime also closely resembles Kraid thanks to its anime colors.

Ice Dragon Robot

Ice Dragon Robot

[edit | edit source]

There is another monster that appears much later in the anime, known as the Ice Dragon Robot, who looks just like the Ice Dragon itself. It appears in the episode "Dedede's Terror Factory", aired in the USA as "Labor Daze".

It's a machine built by King Dedede from parts made by the working Cappies and manufactured by N.M.E., and it looks and attacks strikingly like the Ice Dragon itself, thus sharing the same type as its non-mechanical counterpart. Kirby also becomes Ice Kirby when fighting this robot, but unlike the Ice Dragon, the robot surprisingly breaks free of the ice it's encased in after it's frozen. Tiff has an idea, and gets Kirby to freeze the furnace. The furnace breaks and burns the whole factory along with the robot. Everyone gets out of the factory just in time for the factory and the Ice Dragon Robot to explode at the same time.


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The Ice Dragon seems to have a few relatives of its own. Its relatives include a creature that looks like the Ice Dragon, named Galbo, who breathes flames unlike its larger counterpart. Like the Ice Dragon, Galbo also appears in various Kirby games and the anime, where are two Galbos, both big (as in the one made by N.M.E.) and small (as in the baby one that Kirby takes good care of).

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