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My name is Abi Aparajithan. I am currently a senior double majoring in International Studies and Geography, in which I am pursuing a teaching licensure in Social Studies. I was born in India and moved to Canada when I was two years old with my mom and dad. We then made our move to various states on the East Coast from New Jersey to Florida, finally settling down in Virginia when I was five years old. We made our last stop in Chesapeake, Virginia and that is where we have been since then.

I started my college experience in Fall of 2005. I became very involved in the University by joining my sorority Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Phi Omega National Co-ed Service Fraternity of which I am currently president of, Student Government and a multitude of various campus organizations. In my second year, I became a PREVIEW Orientation Counselor and then became a Resident Assistant for the Office of Housing and Resident Life. I am currently and RA at the moment and feel that it is one job that I have had that will specifically help later when I hope to become a teacher. I am also hoping to continue my schooling after my undergraduate program and receive a Masters degree in Education.



Old Dominion University Fall 2005-present

Western Branch High School Fall 2001 to Spring 2005


A new generation is on the rise and a new teaching style to accommodate such changes are some of those issues new and upcoming teachers will soon be faced with. The new generation of students has a very different approach to everything they are faced with. I am very lucky to have been able to experience a lot of various opportunities that have exposed me to elements that will help me as a teacher. As a resident assistant I have learned that students are more responsive when you make things hands-on and also interactive. You become almost counterproductive when you solely base your teaching style on lecturing and talking at your students. Students are very different and they speed and format that works best for each child will be different. Some students require more attention than others; but at the same time they should not be treated in a way that amplifies their disability or differences. Having a classroom that is conducive to help all students succeed would be every teachers dream. I feel that you can be successful as long as you allow yourself to be creative with your approaches to various diversity or instructional issues you might face. Another way to make sure that you can be successful in reaching your students would be have a good relationship with the student’s parents. Having a consistent understanding in the classroom and then also at home creates consistency and will ultimately help the students grasp a better understanding of what you expect from them. Having this mutual understanding between the students, parents and teachers makes for a more productive atmosphere where the student will spend most of their time. Since students spend a majority of their time within schools, it is vital to make it an enjoyable experience. Although most classes that students will come across in their educational lifetime might cross them as “useless,” it is important for them to be exposed to every form of subjects to gain a greater diversity of topics.