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About Me[edit]

Hello, Wiki world. My name is Aubrey Bibbs. I was born and raised in Virginia (Tidewater Region). I am an active duty marine currently enrolled at Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia) on an enlisted to officer program, Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP). I am currently in my senior year in pursuit of a bachelors degree in applied mathematics with a minor in education. My intentions are to teach high school math upon retirement from the Marine Corps. I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends. Some of my many hobbies include: any and all things related to the hip hop culture, reading, watching movies (all genres except cheesy love stories/chick flicks), playing sports, watching sports, reading, writing and making music.

Pictured above: Crystal (my lovely wife of 7 years) and I, followed by our three sons, Omari, Tahir and Naeem.

Teaching Philosophy[edit]

My primary goal as a professional educator would be to provide fair and equal treatment to each student through the practice of equal opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex or religious conviction. Additionally, I intend to create a safe and comfortable learning environment that fits the approval of all parties directly and indirectly associated with the academic process and overall welfare of the class as a whole and of each individual student. I also intend to be fair and flexible to the needs of the class as a whole and to the needs of each student as it pertains to his or her unique personality, learning needs and learning ability.

There is a list of several other goals I intend to strive for as a professional educator. That list of goals is as follows:

1. To promote good order and discipline and address discipline issues in a timely manner using tact, fairness and appropriate disciplinary action.

2. To establish a mutual respect between student and teacher.

3. To teach in a flexible nature, remaining open to reasonable suggestion from the student.

4. To provide a constructive yet enthusiastic learning environment that promotes the individual student to participate in class activities.

5. To ensure each student has a clear understanding of the curriculum through the use of a syllabus aided by daily communication at the opening and closing minutes of each class session.

6. To cover the curriculum in a timely and effective manner, providing sufficient in class lecture, in class assignments (group and individual) and homework.

7. To create an external resource by designating a block of time outside of the regular class schedule to help students in need of additional guidance as it pertains to the course material.

8. To lead by example by maintaining a high level of professionalism and dedication toward student interest.