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Drawcia Sorceress

Drawcia is the main antagonist of Kirby: Canvas Curse. She is a witch who mixes painting with magic. Her name is a play on the word draw. Drawcia was created from a painting that resembled her slighty. She wanted a land of paint, and to get her wish, Drawcia turned Dream Land into a painting where she ruled everything. Drawcia also turned Kirby into a ball, so that he couldn't foil her plans. Her mistake was that she left one of her magical paintbrushes with Kirby upon fleeing the scene. Her magical paintbrush did not want any of this to happen, so it decides to help Kirby in getting rid of Drawcia. So Kirby and the magical paintbrush worked together to get through the newly-warped Dream Land. Drawcia has two forms which Kirby must face to defeat her and return Dream Land back to normal.

Drawcia Sorceress

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Drawcia Sorceress is Drawcia's physical form. She can paint characters like King Dedede and bring them to life. This how the bosses for the stages are created. She also used this technique against Kirby and creates enemies without copy abilities, spikes, or parachuting bombs to distract attention from herself. To stun her, as she has a force field, players have to deflect the fire balls she throws back towards her with the paintbrush's lines. Then Kirby is able to roll into Drawcia before she is able to recover, thereby damaging her. When she is defeated by Kirby, her robe and hat vanish into thin air as her body becomes a giant ball of paint. Drawcia also resembles Dark Matter in his first form in Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Drawcia Soul

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Drawcia Soul

Drawcia Soul is a giant ball of paint with five small eyes, and a giant mouth below the five. She is the spirit form of Drawcia. She creates creatures called Para-Matters to attack Kirby. All of her attacks involve her manifesting her body somehow to attack Kirby. When she appears in the foreground, players must tap her a certain number of times (depending on the character used) to stun her and then roll the character into her. Upon her defeat, Drawcia is sucked back into her painting and is smashed to pieces, never again to be seen.


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  • Drawcia Soul resembles 0 (Zero), the final boss in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
  • Drawcia is also the only villain that does not appear in a portrait featuring all of the major Kirby villains in Kirby: Squeak Squad for the Nintendo DS, besides Grill from Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu (though Grill wasn't really a villain, just looking for a challenge from Kirby) and Dark Nebula from Kirby: Squeak Squad.
  • Drawcia Sorceress resembles Sophia from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals.
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