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About Me[edit]

Hello everybody, my name is Brian Whitney and I am in my first year at ODU. I spent my freshman year at CNU and obviously didnt like enough to stay. I am enjoying ODU much much more and am having a great time. In my spare time i dont really do a lot of things. From my freshman year of high school up until the end of my freshman year at CNU i was in a band named Starlit Eyes and yes i realize that it does sound like a 13 year old girls screen name. If anybody wants to hear us you can go to our myspace page. Since we broke up the singer and i have recorded a couple new songs and if anybody wants to hear those you can got to our new page. I play guitar and piano, also when asked i can pass on singing a little back up vocals. I enjoy playing video games as well. But if anybody plays any instruments an wants to play some music just let me know in class. Once i figure out how to post a picture i will post many and also i am going to try and post a video of me playing some music along with an mp3 of a song that i have written.

This is me and Tyler at a show.

Ty and me.jpeg

This is a picture of the whole band.


Teaching Philosophy[edit]

The reason I wanted to become a teacher is because I had a great teacher in high school who made me want to be like him. I love working with kids and over the summer I work as a camp councilor. My teaching philosophy is definitely a student based philosophy. I think that constructive criticism is very important and letting children know how they can and can not act is also important. I think it is also important to always remember that the children are children and can not always be treated like adults. Sarcasm should not be used regularly and if a student is continuously put down then they will not have a strong self esteem which is very important.


Im sure that once I learn how to use this site better I will add much more and make it look much better. I hope you enjoy my page.