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Dark Mind

Dark Mind is a fictional character in the Kirby series of video games for Nintendo.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

He is the final boss of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and the true villain of the game who attempted conquering the Mirror World.

Dark Mind Form 1.0

[edit | edit source]

Dark Mind first appears as he does in the picture to the right. If you look closely, you can see phases 2 and 3 in his true eye. His attacks mostly consist of summoning stars, and in the last phase, he will drop a very large time bomb (which can grant Kirby the Crash power if eaten) with a blast radius that covers the entire fighting area. He can also use mirrors. Kirby must use the sword known as "Master" (obtained by Meta Knight) or another power to hit his large eye in the center of his body. He may also inhale the stars and spit them back, but this method is much more dangerous. This fight takes place over several areas, allowing Kirby the chance to regain health and lives between each round after he is teleported to other rooms.

Dark Mind Form 2.0

[edit | edit source]

Dark Mind now appears as a giant eye. In addition to his previous attacks, he can now also shoot an enormous laser beam, summon enemies (such as Waddle Doos), shoot lasers off mirrors, and turn the screen upside down, reversing the players controls. Kirby can only attack when his eye is open for minimum damage, but he can also attack the mirrors to do much more damage.

Dark Mind Form 3.0

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This form is similar to form 2, except considerably smaller. Kirby and remaining clones will then give chase to Dark Mind on Warpstars, which can fire stars. Dark Mind attacks with stars of his own as well as trying to ram Kirby. After he is defeated, the credits will roll while still allowing the player to attack him (and granting Kirby invincibility). A counter at the bottom of the screen will show how many times Dark Mind has been hit, with his explosion at the end of the credits granting 30 points.

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  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, some of the treasures that Kirby can collect contain pieces of a group picture of King Dedede and all of the major villains of the series except for Drawcia and Dark Nebula. The villains seen in that picture with him are Nightmare, Dark Matter, Marx, and even Dark Mind himself.
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