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Brian Smith

Allow me to Introduce Myself:

As you can already tell from the headline at the top of the page my name is Brian Smith. I am a non-degree student trying to get my teaching license. Currently, I am an elementary teacher at Chesapeake Bay Academy in Virginia Beach and have been there since November of 2006. Chesapeake Bay Academy is a small private school specifically catering to students with various learning disabilities. I have a great class of nine students and every day brings a new adventure.

I like to consider myself a laid back guy. There are few things in life that I enjoy more than sports and can usually be found watching just about any game I can find on the tube, especially if it's in beautiful high definition. My favorite events to watch include: any Red Sox game (huge fan), college football ( Go NOLES!!), and of course March Madness. The only things that can pry me away are my beautiful wife Belinda, whom I married last September, and my family. I also enjoy playing with my cat, Zoe, the only cat that I have ever liked.

Me and Belinda

Philosophy of Education:

I believe that the value of a good education is immeasurable. Children should be exposed to the idea of school at an early age to prepare them for entry into elementary school. The early years of a childs education are especially important. They should be exposed to a wide array of cultures and experiences. I also believe that education should be presented in a variety of ways using hands on activities and various other approaches. Children cannot be expected to learn solely through language, but with approaches that require them to think. I also feel that all children learn differently and, if possible, teachers should cater their teaching styles to fit all of their students.