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Alicia Hartman[edit]

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About Me[edit]

I grew up in northern New Jersey. I moved to Williamsburg, Virginia my senior year of high school with my family and graduated from Jamestown High School in 2005. I live at home with my mother, my sister, and my grandparents and commute to ODU. I have a dog the size of a horse named Tinker and a tiger tabby kitten named Belle.

I am a member of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha which takes up most of my time. My life is extremely busy and crazy most of the time. I am always on the go with schoolwork, work, sorority stuff, and events dealing with breast cancer as well as other philanthropies. I am a huge nerd and would spend my whole day reading books if I could. I love traveling and try to do it as much as possible. I went to London last summer with my best friend Justin and hope to visit Italy and Ireland soon. I am absolutely in love with Disney movies, and my favorite movie of all time is the Little Mermaid.

My Teaching Philosophy[edit]

When I was in first grade I had trouble reading and was behind the rest of my class. I was put into a program where I worked with a teacher named Mrs. Grant. She spent a lot of time with me and not only taught me how to read more effectively but how to enjoy reading. She is the one teacher who has always stuck out in my mind and has inspired me more than she will ever know. It is because of her that I am becoming an english teacher. I want to inspire kids to enjoy not only english but school as well and to do great things in life.
My main goal that I want to achieve is to affectively engage students in learning. It has become increasingly difficult to do this. Teachers are being forced to be a lot more creative with their lesson plans. I want my students to be able to relate to what they are learning as well as care about it. In doing this, students will be able to learn and retain the information more effectively. They will also have more drive to succeed in not only school, but other aspects of their lives.
There is a vast variety of responsibilities that teachers face in this profession. Their job is not limited to just teaching the curriculum they are assigned, but to many aspects of their studends lives. Teachers actively take on many roles and it is their responsibility in helping shape and develop their students minds, abilities, and so on. There are many teachers out there who don't care about their jobs at all. Students need teachers who are excited about what they are teaching, not out-dated in their teaching approaches, and provide engaging classes. My goal is to be these things for my students so that they are able to go out and succeed.