Final Fantasy IV/Black Magic

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Black magic users:

  • Rydia (Summoner)
  • Palom (Black mage)
  • Tellah (Sage; initially he uses random spells, later he learns all white & black magic at once)
  • Fusoya (Lunarian; starts with all white & black magic, but has low MP)

Spell types:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Disable: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell list[edit | edit source]

Spell MP Type Target Effect Ry. Pa. Image
Warp 4 Field All Go to previous floor in a dungeon. L12 L29 File:FF4 Warp.jpg
Support/disable spells
Toad 7 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Toad status. L13 L22 File:FF4 Toad.jpg
Piggy 1 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Piggy status. L20 L11 File:FF4 Piggy.jpg
Disabling spells
Sleep 12 Disable One Inflicts Sleep status. L08 L01 File:FF4 Sleep.jpg
Stop 15 Disable One Enemy cannot act for a few turns. L15 L14 File:FF4 Stop.jpg
Psych 0 Disable One Drains MP and restores caster's MP. L31 L40 File:FF4 Psych.jpg
Attack spells 1: elemental
Ice1 5 Attack All/one Element: ice. L02 L01 File:FF4 Ice1.jpg
Ice2 15 Attack All/one Element: ice. Adult L11 File:FF4 Ice2.jpg
Ice3 30 Attack All/one Element: ice. L38 L32 File:FF4 Ice3.jpg
Lit1 5 Attack All/one Element: lightning. L05 L01 File:FF4 Lit1.jpg
Lit2 15 Attack All/one Element: lightning. Adult L13 File:FF4 Lit2.jpg
Lit3 30 Attack All/one Element: lightning L45 L34 File:FF4 Lit3.jpg
Fire1 5 Attack All/one Element: fire. Mt. Hobs L01 File:FF4 Fire1.jpg
Fire2 15 Attack All/one Element: fire. Adult L12 File:FF4 Fire2.jpg
Fire3 30 Attack All/one Element: fire. L40 L33 File:FF4 Fire3.jpg
Venom 2 Attack One Inflicts Poison status; element: bio. L10 L01 File:FF4 Venom.jpg
Virus 20 Attack All/one Element: bio. L25 L19 File:FF4 Virus.jpg
Quake 30 Attack All Element: earth. L44 L23 File:FF4 Quake.jpg
Attack spells 2: instant-defeat
Stone 15 Attack One Instant-defeat attack (petrify). L46 L36 File:FF4 Stone.jpg
Fatal 35 Attack One Instant-defeat attack. L49 L46 File:FF4 Fatal.jpg
Attack spells 3: non-elemental
Drain 18 Attack One Drains HP and restores caster's HP. L35 L26 File:FF4 Drain.jpg
Weak 30 Attack One Reduces target HP to single-digit. L48 L48 File:FF4 Weak.jpg
Nuke 50 Attack One Non-elemental attack. L50 L50 File:FF4 Nuke.jpg
Meteo 99 Attack All Non-elemental attack. L60 L52 File:FF4 Meteo.jpg