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  1. 0.999.../Decimal addition and subtraction
  2. Applied Programming/Printable version
  3. Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Print version
  4. US History/Print version
  5. Metroid franchise strategy guide/Printable version
  6. Metroid franchise strategy guide/Universe of the Metroid series
  7. Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Information Systems
  8. Clock and Data Recovery/Introduction/Jitter is far from sinusoidal..
  9. Healthy eating habits/Printable version
  10. US History/World War I
  1. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 8
  2. Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Print version
  3. Issues in Interdisciplinarity 2018-19/Printable version
  4. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 3
  5. Rhetoric and Writing in the Public Sphere: An Introduction/The Media and the Public Sphere
  6. Introduction to Sociology/Print version
  7. Introduction to Sociology/Family
  8. Intellectual Property and the Internet/Print version
  9. Information Security in Education/Authentication
  10. Information Security in Education/Print version

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