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  1. C Programming/alloc.h
  2. C Programming/wchar.h/wcscat
  3. C Programming/stdlib.h/div
  4. C Programming/unistd.h/write
  5. C Programming/netdb.h/getaddrinfo
  6. C Programming/fcntl.h
  7. C Programming/wctype.h/iswdigit
  8. C Programming/wchar.h/wcscpy
  9. C Programming/wchar.h/wcscmp
  10. C Programming/wchar.h/mbrlen
  1. C Programming/string.h/strerror
  2. C Programming/string.h/strcspn
  3. C Programming/string.h/strcmp
  4. C Programming/stdlib.h/malloc
  5. C Programming/stdlib.h/atoi
  6. C Programming/stdlib.h/atexit
  7. C Programming/stdio.h/vwprintf
  8. C Programming/stdio.h/ungetc
  9. C Programming/stdio.h/tmpfile
  10. C Programming/stdio.h/fgetpos

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