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Artwork of Johto by Ken Sugimori
File:Johto Anime.jpg
A map of the western region of Johto in the Pokémon world
File:Second Version of Pokédex.png
The Johto Pokédex

Johto (ジョウト地方, Jōto-chihō) is one of the Pokémon regions in the fictional Pokémon world. This mountainous region is home to the Johto League and its headquarters is Mt. Silver (Silver Town in the anime).

The names of Johto towns and cities are based of different types of plants and trees, in the tradition of having towns and cities named after colors in the Kanto region. Johto lies directly to the west of Kanto and to the northeast of Hoenn, and is based on the Kansai and Tokai regions of Japan. Routes wholly located in Johto are numbered from 29 to 46 while routes 26, 27, and 28 connect Johto with the Kanto region. Routes 1 to 25 are located wholly in Kanto.

The third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the anime take place here.

Cities[edit | edit source]

New Bark Town[edit | edit source]

New Bark Town (ワカバタウン, Wakaba Taun, Wakaba Town in original Japanese language versions) is the starting point of the second generation video games. This starting town is significantly larger than Pallet Town of Kanto or Littleroot Town of Hoenn.

In the video games, the protagonist is a child who lives here with his or her mother, who will act as a bank and save money if the player asks her to. Players receive their first Pokémon from the town's local professor, the famous Professor Elm. They have a choice between three Pokémon, which are Chikorita (Grass), Cyndaquil (Fire) and Totodile (Water). It is also where they see their rival for the first time.

It should also be noted that, in the video games Gold, Silver and Crystal, many players consider New Bark Town to be a midway station between Johto and Kanto, as traveling left from the town takes the player into the Johto region, and traveling right takes the player to the Kanto region. However, New Bark Town is still technically part of Johto.

In the Pokémon anime, New Bark Town is the first town in Johto that Ash Ketchum visits, in the episode "Don't Touch that 'Dile." In the Pokémon Adventures manga, New Bark Town is the hometown of Gold.

Cherrygrove City[edit | edit source]

Cherrygrove City (ヨシノシティ, Yoshino Shiti, Yoshino City in original Japanese language versions) is west of New Bark Town and southeast of Violet City. After receiving a call from Professor Elm, the player battles the rival for the first time here. It is based upon the city of Nagoya.

Violet City[edit | edit source]

Violet City (キキョウシティ, Kikyō Shiti, Kikyō City in original Japanese language versions) is the third town that the player visits on the road to the Pokémon League. Falkner, who specializes in Flying-types, is the Gym Leader here.

Located in Violet City is Sprout Tower, which houses several sages and mediums who appear to revere the Pokémon Bellsprout as a teacher. The player can obtain HM05 (Flash) here, after beating an elder.

Azalea Town[edit | edit source]

Azalea Town (ヒワダタウン, Hiwada Taun, Hiwada Town in original Japanese language versions) is south of Violet City, west of Union Cave and east of Ilex Forest. It is home to the second Pokémon gym and its leader, Bugsy, who, predictably, uses Bug-types.

This town is also home to Kurt, who makes different kinds of Poké Balls out of Apricorns. The Poké Balls he makes cannot be found anywhere else, and have special properties. Most are exclusive to Gold, Silver, and Crystal and have not been included in subsequent generations. However, in Diamond and Pearl, the fourth-generation Pokémon games, and Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation games, a few of these Poké Balls have made a comeback, such as the Net Ball, which is most effective against Bug- and Water-type Pokémon. Kurt takes a real life day to complete a Poké Ball.

A well called the Slowpoke Well is located west of Union Cave and just east of Azalea Town. According to an outdoor sign near it, it also has the nickname "Rainmaker Well." City residents will tell the player that many years ago, a Slowpoke yawned and ended a drought that devastated the town. As a result, the townsfolk treat Slowpoke with the highest regards. This is the first location where the player battles Team Rocket.

Goldenrod City[edit | edit source]

Goldenrod City (コガネシティ, Kogane Shiti, Kogane City in original Japanese language versions) is the largest city in the Johto region, analogous to the Japanese city of Osaka. Similar to Celadon City in the Kanto region, it features a Game Corner and department store; Goldenrod also has a bicycle shop, radio tower, and a Magnet Train station that connects Goldenrod City with Saffron City in Kanto. The Gym Leader here is Whitney, who specializes in Normal-type Pokémon. Her strongest Pokémon is Miltank.

After the player wins the 7th badge, the revived Team Rocket takes over the radio tower and its broadcasts are all directed to contact Giovanni, in order to convince him to become their leader once again. The player must liberate the tower in order to continue through the game. After the tower is liberated, the path to Blackthorn City will be opened, and three legendary Pokémon will become available: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

North of Goldenrod is a National Park where a bug-catching competition is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Ecruteak City[edit | edit source]

Ecruteak City (エンジュシティ, Enju Shiti, Enju City in original Japanese language versions) is a city in the north of Johto. It is based on Kyoto, Japan. Ecruteak has a dance hall where the player can obtain HM 03 (Surf). The Gym Leader is Morty, who uses Ghost-type Pokémon.

Ecruteak is prominent for its two towers, the Burned Tower (formerly Brass Tower) in the west and the Tin Tower in the east. Local townspeople will tell the player about legends concerning these towers.

700 years ago, pizza towers were built opposite each other in Ecruteak City to foster friendship and hope between Pokémon and people. In the west was Brass Tower, which was said to awaken Pokémon, and in the east was Tin Tower, where Pokémon were said to rest. In addition, Brass Tower was the residence of an immense silver-colored Pokémon, Lugia, while the rainbow-colored Pokémon Ho-Oh resided at Tin Tower. Around 150 years ago, a lightning bolt struck Brass Tower. It was engulfed in flames that raged for three days until a sudden downpour occurred. While Lugia escaped unharmed, the three Legendary Beasts that lived there, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, perished. Ho-Oh returned and resurrected the Legendary Beasts and left them to guard the ruins of the newly named Burned Tower.

If the player reaches a section of the basement of Burned Tower, the Legendary Beasts will be released, after which they will roam the world and the player can encounter and capture them in random battles. The Tin Tower can only be reached after the player has obtained the Rainbow Wing. Ho-Oh is located on its roof. This is the only rooftop in any of the games that allows the use of HM 02 Fly outside of battle, aside from the Sky Pillar in the third generation games. In Pokémon Crystal, Suicune will arrive at Tin Tower after the player receives the Clear Bell from the director of Goldenrod Radio Tower. Unlike the one in Gold and Silver, it will not try to run from battle.

In the Pokémon anime, Burned Tower is full of Ghost-type Pokémon belonging to the gym leader, Morty. He is in charge of taking care of that tower and has made it part of the Pokémon gym. Because of its location, Ash visits twice, first to win the town's badge and then on his way to Mahogany Town as he returns from Olivine and Cianwood.

In the episode "For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll," Eusine tells Ash the legend of Burned Tower. The fire was caused by greedy humans who wanted Ho-Oh's power. Three Pokémon perished in the flames, but Ho-Oh resurrected them and gave them powers of the north winds, lightning, and volcanoes to watch humans. Since then, they had disappeared, waiting for the time when all humans and Pokémon will cooperate again.

Olivine City[edit | edit source]

Olivine City (アサギシティ, Asagi Shiti, Asagi City in original Japanese language versions) is a city in the northwest of Johto. A port town, it features a tall lighthouse and a dock due to its location on the edge of the sea. It is located southwest of Ecruteak City and northeast of Cianwood City.

The Gym is initially empty. In order to fight the Gym Leader, Jasmine, the player must first encounter her in the lighthouse tending to what was once the beacon, Ampharos. After bringing a potion from the Cianwood City pharmacy to the lighthouse, Jasmine will be available for a gym battle. She specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, including Steelix.

This is one of two cities (the other being Vermilion City) where the player can board the S.S. Aqua. After defeating the Elite Four, the player can take the S.S. Aqua to Vermilion City, which is how the player enters Kanto. Afterwards, the S.S. Aqua will be available for travel between the two cities on certain days.

In Pokémon Crystal, the Battle Tower is located to the west of Olivine. In the Japanese version, players can use the mobile adapter to battle other players worldwide. However, as the mobile adapter was omitted in international releases, the US version contains a mere "Fight 'till you drop" system having almost no relation with its Japanese counterpart.

Cianwood City[edit | edit source]

Cianwood City (タンバシティ, Tanba Shiti, Tanba City in original Japanese language versions) is the westernmost city in Johto, in a somewhat remote location. The gym leader here is Chuck, who specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon. In a house near the center of the island is a man who will lend the player a Shuckle, the only way to acquire this Pokémon without using Rock Smash. In Crystal, the player first encounters Eusine, a man obsessed with Suicune, in the north of Cianwood City.

In Cianwood's southernmost building is a pharmacist who will give the player a Secret Potion to be given to Jasmine in Olivine City. After the Secret Potion is delivered, healing items will be sold there. Unusually, Cianwood City has no Pokémart, but a pharmacy instead.

Cianwood City is referenced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl by Cynthia, who gives the player some Secret Potion to heal the headaches of the Psyduck blocking the route to Celestic Town.

Mahogany Town[edit | edit source]

Mahogany Town (チョウジタウン, Chōji Taun, Chōji Town in original Japanese language versions) in the northeastern area of Johto. The Gym Leader is Pryce, who uses Ice-type Pokémon.

There is a Rocket hideout located underneath a store that sells strange items. It features passwords and an alarm system. It also has traps in the floor that were left behind by the ninjas that used the hideout before Team Rocket occupied it. Lance, the current champion of the Pokémon League, feels suspicious about this store. Along with the main character, he breaks in and enters the Rocket hideout. In the final room, there are six Electrode powering a machine that emits radio waves to force Pokémon to evolve. Lance and the main character must each battle three of the Electrode in order to shut down the generator.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Lt. Surge finds the Rocket Hideout because he detected machines running under the store due to his sensitivity to electricity. There, he battles Mask of Ice and loses, but manages to escape.

Lake of Rage[edit | edit source]

The Lake of Rage, which lies north of Mahogany Town, was thought to be created by Gyarados. When the player arrives, Team Rocket has planted a mysterious recording that forces all the Magikarp that dwell in the lake to evolve into Gyarados. The player must battle, and can catch or defeat, a red (Shiny) Gyarados there.

The lake is mentioned on TV at the beginning of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which inspires the main character's rival to explore their local lake.

Blackthorn City[edit | edit source]

Blackthorn City (フスベシティ, Fusube Shiti, Fusube City in original Japanese language versions), also known as the Dragon City, is the birthplace of Pokémon League Champion Lance. It is located in northeast Johto, and is to the east of Mahogany Town and the Ice Path. South of the city is the Dark Cave and a one-way path to New Bark Town. Clair, Lance's cousin and the city's Gym Leader, specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. Blackthorn City also contains a move deleter, who will delete unwanted Pokémon moves for free.

North of the city is the Dragon's Den, which is home to Dragon-type Pokémon. It is inaccessible until the player defeats Clair. Then, in Gold and Silver, Gym Leader Clair sends the player to the Den to fetch the Dragon Fang. Upon retrieving it, Clair will award him the Gym badge. In Crystal, the trainer is instead sent to the Den to take a Pokémon quiz given by Clair's grandfather, the Dragon Clan Elder. After the player answers correctly, the elder will make Clair give up the badge. Talking to the elder will earn the player a Dratini, which will have the move Extremespeed (which it can't normally learn otherwise) if the player gave the "best" responses to the quiz questions.

Other locations[edit | edit source]

Dark Cave[edit | edit source]

Dark Cave is a single-level cave located in eastern Johto. True to its name, the cave is pitch-black, requiring the use of HM 05 Flash to see. Though it is not necessary to enter the cave to complete the storyline, Dark Cave is the only place in Johto to capture wild Dunsparce and Wobbuffet. This cave has three entrances: one from the southeast of Violet City, one from the southwest of Blackthorn City, and one from the northwest of New Bark Town.

Ruins of Alph[edit | edit source]

The Ruins of Alph are located south of Violet City. Inside the main ruins are drawings on the walls, all of them bearing resemblance to the Pokémon Unown. Inside several caves are pieces of Pokémon drawings which the player must arrange (similar to a jigsaw puzzle) to release wild Unown into the ruins. As more puzzles are completed, more varieties of Unown can be found.

After catching three Unown of different forms, a scientist will give the player the Unown Dex, which records the different varieties of Unown the player has caught. Completing the Unown Dex allows the player to print out Unown using a Gameboy printer.

In the Johto League Champions episode "Fossil Fools," research at the Ruins of Alph discovers living specimens of Omanyte and Omastar, much like the Kabuto in the Orange Islands episode "Shell Shock."

Union Cave[edit | edit source]

Union Cave is located south of Violet City and just east from Azalea Town, with a Pokémon Center located at its entrance. It is the first cave the player can travel through to the end. It is notable also for being home to the Pokémon Lapras which appears only on Fridays in the lower levels of the cave.

Ilex Forest[edit | edit source]

Ilex Forest is a forest that lies between Azalea Town and Goldenrod City. The most notable item in this forest is a shrine is dedicated to Celebi, the forest's protector. In the Japanese version of Crystal, players could go to a Nintendo Event and use the Mobile Adapter to get the GS Ball, which causes a Celebi to appear when it is placed on the Shrine. The Mobile Adapter feature was taken out in the international versions of the game, however the GS Ball and the events leading to Celebi's appearance are still present and translated, there is just no legit way to get the GS Ball.

Whirl Islands[edit | edit source]

The Whirl Islands are located between Olivine City and Cianwood City. They are the only place a Lugia can be obtained.

The Whirl Islands are rock formations that allow access to an underground cave. They can only be reached when players have obtained HM 06 (Whirlpool), which they can use to clear out the swirling whirlpools that block access to the caves. Once inside, the player can find Lugia if he or she has the Silver Wing.

In the anime, they are much larger and populated. They were featured in the first fourteen episodes of the fifth season, Pokémon: Master Quest, in which Ash and Misty compete in a water Pokémon competition held every three years, the Whirl Cup.

Mt. Mortar[edit | edit source]

Mt. Mortar is a mountain that lies between Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town. Within this mountain trains the Karate King of the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City of the Kanto region. If the player defeats the Karate King with five Pokemon or fewer in the party, he will give the player a Tyrogue. There are three separate entrances to Mt. Mortar, separated by small bodies of water. If he or she chooses, the player can surf through them to reach Mahogany Town, bypassing the mountain entirely.

Ice Path[edit | edit source]

The Ice Path is a cave located to the east of Mahogany Town. This large maze connects Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City. Much of the cave is covered in slippery ice dotted with boulders, which the player must navigate to reach the exit. Many Ice-type Pokémon are only found here.

Tohjo Falls[edit | edit source]

Tohjo Falls (トージョのたき, Tōjo no Taki) is a waterfall that separates Johto from Kanto; the 'Toh' meaning the end of Kanto, the "jo" coming from Johto signifying the beginning of Johto. Located east of New Bark Town, it is the final test of Pokémon trainers who have acquired all eight Johto badges and wish to challenge the Elite Four. In the anime, the Battle Tower is located near Tohjo Falls.

Mt. Silver[edit | edit source]

Mt. Silver (シロガネやま, Shirogane Yama, Mt. Shirogane in original Japanese language versions) is a mountain that is located in the east of Johto, to the southwest of Indigo Plateau. It resembles Mount Fuji in Japan.

Mt. Silver can only be accessed by beating all 16 gym leaders from the Kanto and Johto regions. Inside, trainers can battle Red at Silver Cave, a small cave near the peak of the mountain. The name and design implies that he is the protagonist from the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of the game, though the Pokémon in his team (specifically a high level Pikachu) may imply that he is also based on Red from the manga and Ash Ketchum from the anime. He says nothing to the player before and after the battle.

In the anime, Silver Town is located on Mt. Silver, where the Johto League Silver Conference is held annually. Trainers fight for the Johto League Trophy and the title of Champion of the Johto Silver Conference. Ash competes in his second Pokémon League tournament here.

Battle Tower[edit | edit source]

The Battle Tower was first introduced in Pokémon Crystal as an extra area accessed from Route 40, west of Olivine City. There are several levels.

A player attempting a Battle Tower challenge battles seven consecutive Trainers and is awarded a prize upon successfully completing the challenge. These prizes generally include expensive and rare items that boost a Pokémon's statistics.

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