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  1. Computer Science Design Patterns/Factory method
  2. Computer Science Design Patterns/Observer
  3. Computer Science Design Patterns/Composite
  4. Algorithm Implementation/Miscellaneous/Base64
  5. Super NES Programming/Initialization Tutorial/header
  6. BASIC Programming/Subroutines and Functions
  7. Programming Gambas from Zip/Grammar
  8. Java Programming/API/java.lang.String
  9. A-level Computing 2009/AQA/Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representation and Practical Exercise/Skeleton code/2011 Exam/String manipulation
  10. Java Web Application Development With Click Framework/Appendix A: FAQ
  1. Clipper Tutorial: a Guide to Open Source Clipper(s)/Printable version
  2. OpenSCAD User Manual/The OpenSCAD Language
  3. Computer Programming/Hello world
  4. OpenSCAD User Manual/General
  5. A-level Computing/AQA/Paper 1/Skeleton program/AS2017
  6. Ada Style Guide/Print version
  7. Application Development with Harbour/Printable version
  8. Introducing Julia/print
  9. Introducing Julia/Controlling the flow
  10. GNU Health/Installation

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