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  1. Pinyin/The eye provides vision to the animal
  2. Pinyin/The eye is the organ of the visual system
  3. Pinyin/Plague
  4. Pinyin/Mental health problems is linked to cardiovascular diseases
  5. Pinyin/France is one of the most important countries in Europe
  6. Pinyin/Paris is the capital of France
  7. Pinyin/White foods are less nutritious
  8. Pinyin/Food contains the nutrients needed
  9. Pinyin/Obesity increases risk of atherosclerosis
  10. Pinyin/Microbiota
  1. Pinyin/Indian Ocean
  2. Pinyin/People's Republic of China
  3. Pinyin/Asia
  4. Pinyin/Southern Ocean
  5. Pinyin/DNA
  6. Pinyin/South America
  7. Pinyin/Nanjing
  8. Pinyin/Gunman kills Bosinian soldiers (2015-11-19)
  9. Pinyin
  10. Pinyin/Macau

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