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  1. Pinyin/ Some of the inherited genetic disorders that can cause colorectal cancer
  2. Pinyin/Colorectal cancer typically starts as a benign tumor
  3. Pinyin/Iran is a country in the west of Asia
  4. Pinyin/Iraq is a country in the west of Asia
  5. Pinyin/A hallucination is seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or feeling things that do not really exist
  6. Pinyin/A hallucination is a perception in the absence of external stimulus
  7. Pinyin/Delusion is an unwavering belief
  8. Pinyin/The changes are usually small at first
  9. Pinyin/Dementia is a series of symptoms
  10. Pinyin/Dementia is not a normal aging phenomenon
  1. Pinyin/Beijing
  2. Pinyin/South America
  3. Pinyin/Antarctica
  4. Pinyin/Amazon River
  5. Pinyin/Nile River
  6. Pinyin/Taiwan
  7. Pinyin/Yinchuan
  8. Pinyin/People's Republic of China
  9. Pinyin/Plus
  10. Pinyin/Donation

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