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  1. Pinyin/Neurological
  2. Pinyin/Every stars of a galaxy
  3. Pinyin/We live on a planet called Earth
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  5. Pinyin/Sea water is rich in salt
  6. Pinyin/Belize
  7. Pinyin/Guatemala
  8. Pinyin/If there is insufficient calcium in the blood
  9. Pinyin/Mexico is a country in North America
  10. Pinyin/A blood test can help detect a disease or medical condition
  1. Pinyin/Harbin
  2. Pinyin/Hefei
  3. Pinyin/Africa
  4. Pinyin/Hong Kong
  5. Pinyin/Nei Mongol
  6. Pinyin/Asia
  7. Pinyin/Mount Qomolangma
  8. Pinyin/South America
  9. Pinyin/Beijing
  10. Pinyin/People's Republic of China

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