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  1. Pinyin/Dementia is a widespread brain disease
  2. Pinyin/I don't know where he comes from
  3. Pinyin/Social change is mainly due to the development of internal contradictions in society
  4. Pinyin/There are many examples of success and failure in the history
  5. Pinyin/Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands
  6. Pinyin/Adults should eat more nutritious foods and do exercise regularly
  7. Pinyin/High blood pressure is a longterm disease
  8. Pinyin/The first line of treatment for hypertension is lifestyle changes
  9. Pinyin/The Crusades were a war between Christians and Muslims
  10. Pinyin/ Some of the inherited genetic disorders that can cause colorectal cancer
  1. Pinyin/Beijing
  2. Pinyin/Female genital mutilation
  3. Pinyin/Wuhan
  4. Pinyin/Xiaomi
  5. Pinyin/Zhu Jiang River
  6. Pinyin/Dementia is a widespread brain disease
  7. Pinyin/Rise
  8. Pinyin
  9. Pinyin/Tianjin
  10. Pinyin/Hangzhou

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