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Pinyin tone marking

Proper noun[edit]

  1. Apple: a technology company


  1. apple: a round fruit with shiny red or green skin and firm white flesh


Apple is the fruit of apple tree which belongs to the rose family. It is a kind of common fruit.

pirngguoo shih pirngguoo shuh d guoo'zi, shuuyur meirgui-ke, shih 1-zhoong charngjiahn shuiiguoo.

China is the biggest apple producer with about 50% of the world's production, and the United States is the second with more than 6%.

Zhongguor chuchaan pirngguoo zuih duo, yue zhahn shihjieh d 50%; Meeiguor dih-2, chaoguoh 6%.

Apples are usually eaten raw, also can be made apple juice and apple cider.

pirngguoo yiban sheng-chi, yee keeyii zuoh pirngguoo-zhi her pirngguoo-jiuu.

Apple is good for health. It can reduce white fat, prevent obesity and cancer.

pirngguoo yoouyih jiahnkang, jiaanshaao bair zhifarng, yuhfarng chifeir her airzhehng.

Apple seeds are toxic, but eating small amount will not cause problem.

pirngguoo zhoongzii yoou dur, chi xiaooliahng meir wehntir.