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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Harbin is situated at the north of China's Dongbei region. It is the capital of Heilongjiang province. It is an important key city of Dongbei. It is, in the north of Dongbei, the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation. It is also, in the sub-provincial cities of China, the super city with the biggest in area and the second largest in population. Harbin has an area of 53,068km2, with a population of 10,640,000.

Harbin weihyur ZG Dongbeei dihqu d beeibuh. ta shih Heilorngjiang-sheeng d sheenghuih. ta shih Dongbeei zhohngyaoh d zhongxin cherngshih. ta shih Dongbeei beeibuh zhehngzhih, jingjih, wernhuah her jiaotong zhongxin. ta yeeshih ZG fuh-sheengjir cherngshih zhong miahnji zuihdah, rernkoou dih-2 duo d tehdah cherngshih. Harbin miahnji 5'3068km2, rernkoou 1064'0000.