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  1. Pinyin/I would like to be grasses
  2. Pinyin/Moon and stars
  3. Pinyin/Prose
  4. Pinyin/Human is naturally endowed with sincerity
  5. Pinyin/My family
  6. Pinyin/My little white dog
  7. Pinyin/Winner Is The King
  8. Pinyin/Infinite truth
  9. Pinyin/After school
  10. Pinyin/Burning
  1. Pinyin/My younger sister
  2. Pinyin/Love
  3. Pinyin/I love you mom
  4. Pinyin/Mother's love
  5. Pinyin/I love my mom
  6. Pinyin/Love is permanent
  7. Pinyin/I would like to be grasses
  8. Pinyin/Moon and stars
  9. Pinyin/Prose
  10. Pinyin/Flower opens and falls

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