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Absolute truth is an unchangeable and permanent fact. In the development of the Universe, the correct understanding of the specific process of various development stages, is the approximate and incomplete reaction of the objective world. Relative truth and absolute truth are in a dialectical unity. Absolute truth exists in the relative truth. Relative truth contains the ingredients of absolute truth. The sum of innumerable relative truths is the absolute truth.


juerduih zhenlii shih yoongherng bubiahn d shihshir. zaih Yuuzhouh d fazhaan guohcherng zhong, geh'g fazhaan jieduahn d juhtii guohcherng d zhehngqueh rehnshir, shih duih kehguan shihjieh jihnsih d, buwarnquarn d faanyihng. xiangduih zhenlii her juerduih zhenlii shih biahnzhehng toongyi d. juerduih zhenlii curnzaih yur xiangduih zhenlii zhizhong. xiangduih zhenlii harnyoou juerduih zhenlii d cherngfehn. wurshuh xiangduih zhenlii d zoongher jiuhshih juerduih zhenlii.