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Curry Leaf
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Curry leaf or kadi patta is an herb common to South and Southeast Asian cooking.[1][2][3]


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The leaf is small and green, with a pointed tip and glossy appearance.[1][3][4] The flavor is described as complexly aromatic, with notes of citrus, sulfur, pine, bay, and more.[5][6][4] The leaves are sometimes dried and even ground, though the flavor is less than that of fresh leaves.[3][2]

Selection and storage

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When purchasing fresh leaves (ideal), select those that are small and nicely green, without blemishes or rot.[3][5] They can be wrapped in paper towels and stored in the fridge in a plastic container for 1–2 weeks or so.[4][5] They can also be stored in the freezer for at least a couple months.[3][5] If you need dry leaves, drying them yourself can give you more control and gives you a better idea of their age.[3]

The leaf is used in many South Indian dishes,[2][4] where it adds flavor and a spicy pleasant smell. Typically, it is first fried in oil to help it bloom and release its aromatic compounds, as in tadka.[2][3][4] However, the whole leaf itself is rarely eaten.[1]


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Unfortunately, it's very difficult to substitute another ingredient for curry leaf—you may simply want to leave them out if you can't find any.[4]


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