Cookbook:Yogurt Curry Soup (Kadhi)

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Yogurt Curry Soup (Kadhi)
CategoryCurry recipes
Time15 minutes

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Kadhi also known as Karhi or Gujarati Kadhi is a sweet yogurt curry, normally eaten with unleavened flat bread called roti and sabzi in India.


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  1. Combine the gram flour, curds and 3 teacups of water in a pot. Beat well.
  2. Add the chilli-ginger paste, curry leaves, sugar, and salt. Bring to a boil.
  3. Boil whilst stirring for a while.
  4. Heat the ghee in a pan, add the cumin and mustard seeds, and toast until light brown. Don't let burn.
  5. Add the asafoetida and red chilli.
  6. Add the seasoning mixture to the curry, and boil for a few minutes.
  7. Sprinkle coriander on top and serve hot.

Note, tips, and variations

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  • This is a basic chickpea curry/soup. But, you can make its variations with bitter gourd, pakora, spinach, and more.
  • Best served when hot.
  • This sweet yogurt curry is popular in Gujarat but in northern India, it is considered too sweet. So, prepare a variation depending on your guests' preference for spice.