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Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanon

Lebanon is a country also known as Republic of Lebanon. The capital city is Beirut and the currency used is Lebanese Pound (LBP) .

Where is Lebanon?[edit]

Lebanon is situated at the eastern side of Mediterranean sea, bordering Syria to its east and Israel to its south.

How many people live in Lebanon?[edit]

There are no official census has taken place in Lebanon since 1932 due to the sensitive balance between the country's religious groups. There are no official data of the census data but based on estimation, there are about 4.43 million ~ 6.1 million populations lived in Lebanon.

What are the most common languages in Lebanon?[edit]

Arabic language is the most commonly language used in Lebanon.

What is the most common religion in Lebanon?[edit]

Due to almost no data on population census, it is estimated almost half of population practices Islam, with a quarter practices Maronite (Eastern Roman Catholics) , and the others minorities practices Druze, Greek Catholic and Greek Orthodox.

What is the sport of Lebanon?[edit]

Weight Lifters in Lebanon

Weight lifting has been popular with many Lebanese athletes since the mid-20th century, and the country has traditionally sent weight lifters to international competitions with some regularity.

What are some important sites?[edit]

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