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Classroom Projects
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Please read Wikibooks:Guidelines for class projects. This page is a listing of all class and group projects that are using wikibooks to collaboratively write textbooks and instructional materials.
Note that old projects have been moved to Archives. No data has been deleted and you should be able to find your project in its original location.


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We ask that all new class projects include the following information:
  1. Subject The basic subject of your book, such as "Physiology", or "Algebra"
  2. Wikibook The title of your book, such as Human Physiology, or Algebra.
  3. Educational Setting The type of class or group editing the book. Such as a highschool class, or a seniors group
  4. Dates The timeframe for the project. Classes typically are only in session for a finite amount of time.
  5. Moderator The username of the group leader here on wikibooks. Every group should have a leader (classes, for instance, have a teacher).
  6. Comments Additional comments about the book, requests for specific types of help, etc.

Paramedic Education:[edit]

  • Book Title: "Strategies for Success in Paramedic School"
  • Instructional Level: Collegiate
  • Date of initial Development: 10/2014-1/30/2016
  • Moderator: pjohnson181

The goal of this book is to provide a constantly updating resource for students enrolled in Paramedic education and most specifically for those enrolled in New River Community and Technical College's Paramedic Program: Instructor - Paula Johnson

Perspectives in Digital Culture[edit]

1. Subject Digital Cultures

2. Wikibook Perspectives in Digital Culture

3. Educational Setting Undergraduate Module FMSU9A4, University of Stirling

4. Dates February and March 2015

5. Moderator GregXenon01 (discusscontribs)

6. Comments Users are new to Wikipedia and related projects. Part of an Educational Assignment. Students will be working in groups of 6 towards individual and group assessment. The aim of this assessment is to get students working at different levels - as individual researchers, as research teams, and as research communities. That is to say: producing knowledge; collaboration and sharing; and peer-reviewing the work of others for the good of the community. Each group will work on a chosen theme, integrating their independent research with (fully cited) lecture materials and independent study. Hopkinson28 (discusscontribs) 14:25, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

Educational psychology[edit]

  • Title: Cognition and Instruction
  • Educational setting: Undergraduate university class
  • Dates: September 2015 to December 2015
  • Moderator: Nesbit