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How to add books to Wikibooks Stacks:

  1. Name all the pages of the book in accordance with the naming policy, with a title page and subpages.
  2. Add the CCO Resources to the title page of the book, for example named Example book.
  3. Add the template {{BookCat}} to all the other pages of the book. These will be subpages of the title page, for example named Example book/Subpage name.
  4. Add <noinclude>[[{{BOOKCATEGORY|Example book}}/Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude> to categorize book-specific templates that are not subpages of a book, replacing Example book with the book name.
  5. Create the category page for the book. For example, for the book Example book, the category page would be titled Category:Book:Example book.
    1. Add the templates {{Book category header}} and {{BookCat}} to the category page for the book.
    2. Any sub-categories should be subpages of this category, for example Category:Book:Example book/Templates for book-specific templates. You can add {{Book item category header}} and {{BookCat}} to these pages.
  6. If you are still uncertain, ask at Wikibooks:Reading room/Assistance.