Information Technology and Ethics

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Table of contents[edit]

An Overview of Ethics[edit]

A definition of Ethics is "moral principles that govern a person or group's behavior". In other words, doing what the law requires, and rules for distinguishing between right and wrong. Also, ethics may have much to do with one's religious beliefs.

What is Ethics?[edit]

Professional Code of Ethics

Ethics for IT Professionals[edit]

IT Specialist

IT Professionals and Their Relationship

IT Responsibilities


Computer and Internet Crime[edit]


Types of Cyber Criminals


Security Breach

Freedom of Expression[edit]

Freedom of Expression


Privacy Policies

Privacy in the News

Encryption/Cryptography and Privacy


Data Protection Ethics

Intellectual Property[edit]

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Issues

Software Development[edit]

Steps for Software Development

Software Quality

Software Engineering Ethics and Professional Practices

The Impact of Information Technology on the Quality of Life[edit]

Does IT Affect Performance In The Workplace?

IT and Healthcare

Consumer AI

AI Dilemma and Taxation

100 Year Study

Privacy and Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things (IoT)

Social Networking[edit]

Social Networking and Business

Cyber-Crimes II

Social Media Data Collection

Account Sharing

Robotic Ethics[edit]

Current Robotic Ethics

Future Robotic Ethics

Ethics of IT Organizations[edit]

Non-traditional Workers


Quiz 1