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The Wikibooks community decided to allow administrators to grant and revoke the patroller and rollbacker permissions. For administrator, bureaucrat and CheckUser access, see Wikibooks:Administrators. For bot access, see Wikibooks:Bots.

Admins have the trust of the community, and use their discretion when granting or revoking these rights. Requests are made at WB:RFP, where any admin can grant the right if they choose to. Declined requests should be explained and archived for later perusal. Granted requests will be logged at Special:Log/rights, and may be archived into the history.

The following are very loose guidelines ideas for granting and revoking the tools - they are not a big deal. Admins are responsible for making good decisions regarding which users get the tools. Admins are absolutely not to wheel war with user rights - those admins which do will not be permitted to change user rights.


  1. User understands and applies rollback, Wikibooks:Dealing with vandalism and Wikibooks:New page patrol
  2. User is a vandal fighter and currently reverts incorrect edits
  3. User has not edit warred
  4. User has no history of blocks
  5. User has not had +rollback revoked (admin discretion on whether to give another chance)

Process for revoking rights[edit]

For +rollbacker
User gets one warning, then +rollbacker is revoked on the spot by any admin