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Welcome to the German wikibook, a free textbook for learning the German language. As this book is still under development, you are invited to make any problems/suggestions known in our Discussion page. If you wish to contribute, feel free to see the Developer's page.

Deutschland – Germany  Switzerland  Austria 

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Did You Know?
The German language does not have a true present continuous tense, only present tense.

Well, out here in the far west near the Dutch border we have present continuous.

Contents[edit | edit source]

(edit template) German (discussion)

Lessons: 50%.svg Level I50%.svg Level II25%.svg Level III 25%.svg Level IV 25%.svg Level V
GrammarAppendicesAbout (including print versions) • Q&APlanning

(edit template) 50%.svg Level I Lessons (discussion)

100%.svg I.0 Introduction

Section I.A: 100%.svg I.1 Wie heißt du? (1. Teil)100%.svg I.2 Wie heißt du? (2. Teil)100%.svg I.3 Bitte buchstabieren Sie100%.svg Review Section I.A

Section I.B: 100%.svg I.4 Freizeit100%.svg I.5 Geburtstag100%.svg I.6 Essen25%.svg Review Section I.B

Section I.C: 50%.svg I.7 Kleidung50%.svg I.8 Familie und Nationalität25%.svg I.9 Schule25%.svg Review Section I.C

Section I.D: 25%.svg I.10 Das Fest25%.svg I.11 Privileg und Verantwortung25%.svg I.12 Wetter00%.svg Review Section I.D

Section I.E: 00%.svg I.13 Zu Hause essen00%.svg I.14 Filme00%.svg I.15 Das Haus00%.svg Review Section I.E

(edit template) 50%.svg Level II Lessons (discussion)

00%.svg II.0 Introduction

Section II.A: 75%.svg II.1 Einfache Gespräche75%.svg II.2 Fremde und Freunde 75%.svg II.3 Die Zahlen75%.svg II.4 Zürich75%.svg II.5 Wiederholung

Section II.B: 75%.svg II.6 Die Wohnung75%.svg II.7 Mathematik75%.svg II.8 Mein, Dein, Sein75%.svg II.9 Einkaufen gehen75%.svg II.10 Wiederholung

Section II.C: 75%.svg II.11 Verbtempus und Wortstellung100%.svg II.12 Fragewörter50%.svg II.13 Mein Arm schmerzt75%.svg II.14 Tiergarten50%.svg II.15 Wiederholung

(edit template) 25%.svg Level III Lessons (discussion)

Section III.A: 75%.svg III.1 Markus studiert75%.svg III.2 Ein Gespräch75%.svg III.3 Keine Sorge!

Section III.B: 75%.svg III.4 Die Geschäftsleute75%.svg III.5 In Österreich75%.svg III.6 Tour de France

Section III.C: 00%.svg III.7 —00%.svg III.8 —00%.svg III.9 —

Section III.D: 75%.svg III.10 Das Ruhrgebiet00%.svg III.11 —00%.svg III.12 —

(edit template) 00%.svg Level IV Lessons (discussion)

00%.svg Section 1 ~ Kiel, Germany

Section IV.A: 00%.svg Lektion 1: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 2: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 3: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 1: Undeveloped

00%.svg Section 2 ~ Schaan, Liechtenstein

Section IV.B: 00%.svg Lektion 4: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 5: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 6: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 2: Undeveloped

00%.svg Section 3 ~ Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Section IV.C: 00%.svg Lektion 7: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 8: Undeveloped00%.svg Lektion 9: Undeveloped00%.svg Wiederholung 3: Undeveloped

(edit template) 00%.svg Level V Review Lessons (discussion)

Section V:
* 00%.svg Starting Point: Undeveloped00%.svg Berlin, Germany (II): Undeveloped00%.svg Vienna, Austria (III): Undeveloped
* 00%.svg Bern, Switzerland (IV): Undeveloped00%.svg Salzburg, Austria (V): Undeveloped00%.svg Zürich, Switzerland (VI): Undeveloped
00%.svg Hannover, Germany (VII): Undeveloped00%.svg Bonn, Germany (VIII): Undeveloped00%.svg Innsbruck, Austria (IX): Undeveloped
00%.svg Bavaria, Germany (X): Undeveloped00%.svg Kiel, Germany (XI): Undeveloped00%.svg Schaan, Liechtenstein (XII): Undeveloped
00%.svg Schaffhausen, Switzerland (XIII): Undeveloped00%.svg Deutschland, Österreich, und Schweiz (XIV): Undeveloped


25%.svg Introduction and overview25%.svg Personal pronouns, formal and informal you, introduction to gender25%.svg Intransitive verbs, verb conjugation, present tense25%.svg Adverbs, V2 word order, Negation of verbs, Sentence adverbs25%.svg Stem-changing verbs, Weak vs. Strong verbs25%.svg Polar questions, V1 word order, Pre- and postamblesNoun genderNoun pluralsNoun phrases, ArticlesTransitive verbs, Accusative case, word orderPronomial possessives, Possessive determiners, Possessive pronouns, Negation with keinIrregular verbs, Past-like present verbsUninflected adjectives, Predicate phrases, Copulative verbsInterrogatives, der wordsFuture tense, The sentence bracketDitransitive verbs, Dative caseCoordinating conjunctions, Ellipses, Adverbial conjuctions, Multipart conjunctionsPrepositions with accusative and dative, Prepositional verbs

75%.svg Adjectives and Adverbs50%.svg Alphabet25%.svg Cases75%.svg Nouns50%.svg Prepositions and Postpositions50%.svg Pronouns75%.svg Sentences75%.svg Verbs

(edit template) Appendices (discussion)

100% developed Alphabet50% developed Vocabulary50% developed Phrasebook75% developed Resources100% developed Names100% developed German History100% developed Nations of the World100% developed False Friends100% developed Numbers100% developed Keyboard Layout 100% developed Exercises

Resources[edit | edit source]

This book has a PDF version.
I This is a Category I Language.
For other German textbooks refer to Deutsch.