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Schlossberg in Graz, Österreich

Lessons: 50%.svg Level I50%.svg Level II25%.svg Level III 25%.svg Level IV 25%.svg Level V
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75%.svg II.0 Vorwort – introduction, how to use this level, differences between Level I and Level II
  • Section II.A – Salzburg, Austria
75%.svg Lektion II.1: Einfache Gespräche unter Freunden – German grammar (introduction), familiar conversations, word order in questions, pronouns (introduction)
75%.svg Lektion II.2: Fremde und Freunde – verbs (introduction), pronouns in nominative case, formal conversations, pronoun gender
75%.svg Lektion II.3: Die Zahlen – Counting (theme), numbers 1 to 12, telling time, nouns (introduction), definite articles & noun gender, indefinite articles.
75%.svg Lektion II.4: Eine Geschichte über Zürich – adjectives (introduction), nouns and pronouns in the accusative and dative, interrogatives
75%.svg Lektion II.5: Wiederholung – review of lessons II.1-5
  • Section II.B – Zürich, Switzerland
75%.svg Lektion II.6: Die Wohnung – conjugating verbs (present tense), commands
75%.svg Lektion II.7: Mathematik – simple math, numbers 13-100, telling time: minutes & seconds, days of the week, months, and seasons
75%.svg Lektion II.8: Mein, Dein, und Sein – possessive adjectives and the genitive case, ein-group, plurals, conjunctions
75%.svg Lektion II.9: Einkaufen gehen – articles of clothing, separable verbs, colors
75%.svg Lektion II.10: Wiederholung – review of lessons II.6-10
  • Section II.C – Hannover, Germany
75%.svg Lektion II.11: Verbtempus und Wortstellung – inverted word order, past and future tense verbs
100 percent.svg Lektion II.12: Fragewörter – question words, phrases used in German and its examples and uses
100 percent.svg Lektion II.13: Mein Arm schmerzt
75%.svg Lektion II.14: Animals
100 percent.svg Lektion II.15: Wiederholung – review of lessons II.11-14

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German Lessons: 50%.svg Level I50%.svg Level II25%.svg Level III00%.svg Level IV00%.svg Level V


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