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  1. Lombard/Indefinite pronouns
  2. Lombard/Possessive pronouns
  3. Lombard/Hypothetical construction
  4. Lombard/Verbs
  5. Lombard/Simple Future Indicative
  6. Lombard/Past Perfect Indicative
  7. Lombard/Past Indicative
  8. Lombard/Negation
  9. Lombard/Infinitive
  10. Lombard/How to ask and express the weather
  1. Lombard/Relative clauses
  2. Lombard/Verbal diathesis
  3. Lombard/Hypothetical construction
  4. Lombard/Simple Future Indicative
  5. Lombard/How to ask and express the time
  6. Lombard/Conjunctions and conjunctive locutions
  7. Lombard/Adverbs and adverbial locutions
  8. Lombard/Gerund and gerundial complements
  9. Lombard/Phonology of the Milanese dialect in the New Lombard Orthography
  10. Lombard/Orthography and pronunciation rules

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