Lombard/How to ask and express the day

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Lombard The reference orthography for this page of Lombard course is New Lombard orthography

How to ask and express the day[edit | edit source]

Che (interrogative adjective) + + l' (3rd person singular weak pronoun) + verb vesser conjugated in the present indicative 3rd person singolar + incoeu ?
Question: Che dì l' è incoeu? ( MI )
(in English: What day is it today? / What date is it today?) )
Answer: (Incoeu) l'è el cinch de dicember ( MI )
(in English: Today is December the fifth)

To ask just for the number of the day of the month:

Cossa (interrogative adjective) + ghe n'hem del mes[1] (+ incoeu) ?
Question: Cossa ghe n'hem (del mes) incoeu? ( MI )
Answer: Incoeu ghe n'hem ... ( MI )
  1. voice of the verbal locution “havéghen (del mes)”

  • jer l'alter /l'alter jer = the day defore yesterday
  • jer = yesterday
  • incoeu = today
  • doman = tomorrow