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How to ask for the weather

[edit | edit source]
Che (interrogative adjective) + temp + (weak pronouns of 3^ person singular) + 3^ persona al modo indicativo presente del verbo + ?
Example (in Milanese dialect)
Che temp el fà? ( MI )

How to express the weather

[edit | edit source]
Expression In English Immagine di esempio Dialects
(el) fà cald (1)
cold (2)
It’s warm
(1) MI
(2) Lagh
(a) fà on cald de s'ceppà i sass (A way of saying that it is very hot)
l'è sofegh/a gh'è sofegh" It’s sultry -
(el) fà fregg It’s cold -
fà on frecc de biss (A way of saying that it is very hot)
se stà ben

(way of saying it's mild)

l'è sech It’s dry
l'è bell the weather is nice

(way to say that the sun shines)

(a) gh'è el sol It’s sunny
(a) gh'è foeura la luna (1)[1] There’s a moon
(1) MI
l'è seren the wether is clear
l'è nivol It’s cloudy
l'è fosch It’s dark
el và e el vegn It’s changeable
temp variabel
(a) gh'è la scighera (1)

(a) gh'è la nebia (2)

It’s foggy
el và a pioeuver It’s going to rain
el comenza a pioeuver It start sto rain
l'è adree a pioeuver It’s raining
el seguita a pioeuver(1)
el suguta a pioeuver (2)
It continue sto rain
vegn giò una gotta (1)
el fà finta de pioeuver (2)
(way to say that it rains very little)
(el) piovisna It drizzle / It’s drizzling
(el) pioeuv It rains / It’s raining
(el) pioeuv che Dio le manda (1)[2]

(el) pioeuv a la roversa (2)[2]
la ven sgiò a segge (3)[2]
(el) pioeiv che 'l se inversa (4)[2]

(ways to say it rains very hard) (1-2-3-4)MI
(el) fioca It snows / It’s snowing
el fà tempesta ... It hails /It’s hailing
gh'è el vent, el tira vent It’s windy
balca el vent (1) cessa el vent (2) The wind ceases (2) italianism
l'ha cambiad el cribi the intensity of the rain has changed ► see on the Wiktionary ►►►cribi
(a) gh'è la sguazza(1)
gh'è la prina (2)
there’s frost
(a) gh'è la rosada there is dew
(a) gh'è foeura i trii sol[3]
(way to say the weather it’s a beautiful day) MI
el temp el s'è giustad[4] (way to say that the weather is nice again) MI
temp de lader[4]
(way to say there’s rain and wind) MI
el temp el stà su[4]
the weather stays good MI


[edit | edit source]
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