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This work is aimed at people already familiar with using the Internet, who want to know how and why it works. This work isn't designed for programmers or others who want to make Internet technology. When we say technology we don't just mean the software and hardware, but also the human components which are an integral part of the overall system of the Internet.


  1. The Internet
    1. Domain names
    2. Web hosting
    3. Routing
    4. Protocols
    5. History and evolution
  2. The Web
    1. History of the Web
    2. Routing the Web
    3. HTML and CSS
    4. Embedded technologies
    5. Proxy servers
    6. Search engine
    7. Web advertising
    8. Online shopping
  3. Email
    1. History of email
    2. Routing email
    3. Email headers
    4. Email spam
    5. Email security
  4. Usenet
    1. History of Usenet
    2. Routing Usenet
    3. How newsgroups are created
    4. Usenet spam
    5. Future of Usenet
  5. IRC
    1. History of IRC
    2. Routing IRC
  6. Remote Access
    1. Telnet
    2. SSH
    3. VNC
    4. Remote Desktop Connection
    5. Wireless connnectivity

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