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Breakfast Cereal

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Breakfast cereal, sometimes simply called cereal or cold cereal, is a processed and typically ready-to-eat food derived from cereal grains.


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Cereal products are typically based on grains like oats, rice, corn, barley, wheat, and more. They are typically supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals,[1] and they may incorporate additional flavorings and sweeteners. The final product is typically dried and crunchy.


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Modern breakfast cereals tend to fall into one of the following categories.[1] They may also consist of a blend thereof:

  • Flaked: cereal grains that are broken down, cooked, and shaped into flakes
  • Puffed: cooked cereal grains that are expanded using a pressurized chamber
  • Shredded: cereal grains that are cooked, extruded into strands, and dried
  • Granular: formed from cereal grain flour made into a dough, baked, and ground
  • Extruded dough: made from grains cooked into a dough, extruded into shapes, and dried
  • Granola: Usually rolled oats, sweetened and mixed with nuts and dried fruits[2]

Breakfast cereal is usually eaten for breakfast, often with milk or yogurt, and sometimes sweetened or supplemented with fruit and nuts. It may also be eaten for convenience or as a snack. Additionally, many recipes have emerged that use breakfast cereals as an ingredient, such as cookies and bars, breadings, and various snack mixes.[3][4]

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