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Sept 30 2007[edit]

Mon Oct 1, 2007[edit]

Book Page Views (BPV) Unique BPV
1,759* 907*

Control Systems: 144 total book hits. Main Page: 73 total book hits. Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python: 68 total book hits. Using Wikibooks: 41 total book hits. Signal Processing: 22 total book hits. Celestia: 16 total book hits. Embedded Systems: 10 total book hits.

* This represents total site hits, not just book hits. Future reports will only show book hits

Tues Oct 2, 2007[edit]

Book Page Views (BPV) Unique BPV
488 208

Using Wikibooks: 72 total book hits. Main Page: 29 total book hits. Celestia: 15 total book hits. Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book: 13 total book hits. LaTeX: 8 total book hits.

Thurs, 4/9/2007[edit]

Main Page: 4950 hits.  Blender 3D: Noob to Pro: 4450 hits.  Human Physiology: 1150 hits.  Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education: 950 hits.  LaTeX: 900 hits.  How To Assemble A Desktop PC: 850 hits.  How to solve the Rubik's Cube: 700 hits.  Dutch: 700 hits.  C Programming: 650 hits.  How to use a Motorola DVR: 600 hits.  Harmonica: 500 hits.  Kdenlive: 500 hits.  Guide to Unix: 500 hits.  Guitar: 500 hits.  Wikijunior Human Body: 500 hits.  Python Programming: 300 hits.  Computer Hardware: 250 hits.  Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter: 250 hits.  European History: 200 hits.  Tomato Firmware: 200 hits.  FBI name check: 200 hits.