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How to use a Motorola DVR

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How to use a Motorola DVR
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This is a book on using a Motorola DVR.

There are several different DVR models from Motorola. The major models include:

  • The DCT64xx and DCT34xx series are dual-tuner HDTV DVRs utilized by many cable companies in the US, Canada and Latin America. Both DVRs can record two channels at once and play back a recorded show at the same time. The 64xx can record two analog, digital, or HDTV channels. The 34xx has no analog tuner, allowing for two digital or HDTV channels. The 6412 and 3412 have a 120GB hard drive giving it an HDTV recording time of 12-20 hours and much more for analog or SD digital TV. The 6416 and 3416 have a 160GB drive. DCT is an acronym for "Digital Consumer Terminal" or "Digital Cable Terminal".
  • The DCT3080 is a variation that can record HD, but can only output non-HD 480i video.
  • The QIP6416 is a version that also supports IP television and MoCA. It is used by Verizon FIOS subscribers. QIP stands for "QAM/Internet Protocol". The Boxes look almost identical to the DCT
  • The DCH64xx and DCH34xx series have a very different appearance than the DCT series, but otherwise internally are very similar. The look of the DCH series was designed the same team that designed the Motorola RAZR. DCH is an acronym for "Digital Connected Home".
  • The DCX series was announced by Motorola on January 3, 2008. The DCX series support MPEG4 compression, DOCSIS 2.0, and have 1GHz tuners. The first model is the DCX-3400. Then it was the DCX3200 which is a cable box that has the capabilities of the DCX3400 exempt for the dvr function. After that came the DCX3300 which is a hybrid of the DCX3200 and DCX3400 which allows you to have dvr capabilities by adding an external hard drive. Then came the DCX3200-M P2 (Phase 2) and DCX3200-M P3 (Phase 3) which are different in design then the dcx3200 but function the same but adds the total home dvr to work with any true2way dvr. The Newest one Motorola has released was the DCX3501/DCX3510 which is the same as the DCX3400 but can up convert all HD 720p and 1080i to 1080p. All New DCX series DVR's have a 500GB Hard drive [1] The DCX series further differs in appearance from the DCT and DCH series set-top boxes.
  • The DCT6208 may still be in use in some areas. This was the first DVR from Motorola, and is a modified DCT6200 (non-DVR). It only contains a single tuner and an 80GB drive. It's generally used in areas that still use an A/B (dual cable) system. It appears to still be using an earlier version of the i-Guide software.
  • The DCT-5100 and DCT-6200 are basically the same as the 64xx series, but without the DVR features.

Most of the software features, such as iGuide usage, will be the same for any Motorola DCT- or DCH-series cable box, and even many non-Motorola cable boxes. Besides the i-Guide, in late 2007, Comcast added a Tivo software option after signing a deal with the widely popular DVR service, on the heels of Tivo being dropped by satellite programming provider DirecTV, in 2006.

In the United States, the Motorola DVR is usually owned by the cable company and rented to cable subscribers.

In Canada, the Motorola DVR is usually owned by the subscriber, purchased from their cable company or retail outlets such as Future Shop and Best Buy.

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