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The following is a plan for restructuring the wikibook. It deals with the different parts of the book and what to do with them.

Japanese Dialects[edit]


This was a good-faith attempt to teach kanji but is only a repeat of information on wiktionary. Should transwiki whatever information is not there..

Japanese Reader[edit]

Should be split into its own book

Japanese Vocabulary[edit]

All subpages of Japanese/Vocabulary should be transwikied to wiktionary and new pages should follow the structure of Miskito/Vocabulary (Miskito) (i.e. vocabulary pages should reference words in lessons)

Japanese Grammar[edit]

Should be kept how it is. Need to organize Japanese/Grammar/Table of contents.

Japanese Kana[edit]

In order to reduce the number of page moves, keep the rest of the pages the same (i.e. Japanese/Kana/Lessons/Hiragana/Lesson 1). Japanese/Kana/Lessons/Katakana/Lesson 1/Exercises, Japanese/Kana/Lessons/Katakana/Lesson 1/Key, Japanese/Kana/Lessons/Katakana/Lesson 2/Exercises, Japanese/Kana/Lessons/Katakana/Lesson 2/Key should be transwikied to wikiversity as it is in their scope. The menomics in the lessons should also be transwikied to wikiversity as it may not work for everyone and it allows other people to suggest their menomics.

Japanese Lessons[edit]

There were 6 attempts in lessons and are as follows

As development in all of these attempts have stopped, I propose these lessons be archived and we should start over.

Japanese Pronunciation[edit]

Fine the way they are, just need to structure them to follow structure of book and follow order as listed in [[v:Pronunciation of Japanese#Reading|]].

Meta Pages[edit]

Should be archived.