Japanese/Reader/第三夜/Part 2

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Story[edit | edit source]



There were rice paddies on both sides. The path was narrow, From time to time the shadowy shapes of herons punctured the darkness.

"We've reached the rice paddies then" the kid on my back said.
"How do you know?" I asked while turning my head.
"Because a heron is squawking", he replied.
At that moment a heron squawked twice.

Vocab[edit | edit source]


To do:

Kanji Kana English Notes
左右 さゆう left and right
青田 あおた green (rice) paddy fields
みち road
細い ほそい narrow
さぎ heron
かげ shadow
時々 ときどき sometimes
やみ darkness, the dark
差す さす
田圃 たんぼ (rice) paddy fields
掛かる かかる to approach, come near
脊中 せなか back Old way of writing 背中
いった say
解る わかる understand
かお face
後ろ うしろ behind
ようにする make as if to
だって because
鳴く なく sing, cry, squawk
果たして はたして as expected
二声 ふたこえ two cries
ほど about

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