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Examples of words specific to Osaka Dialect (関西弁Kansai-ben)

本当に = ほんま / まじで (Really?)
ありがとう = おおきに (Thank you)
ばか = あほう (Stupid[insult])
だめ = あかん (Bad!/Prohibited!)
いくらですか = なむぼ (How much is this?)
もしもし = まいどまいど (Hello)

Many feel that the dialect of Osaka is fast, dirty, down-to-earth and funny. This impression is likely attributed to the fact that most comedians in Japan speak in Osaka-ben. Often in anime, Osaka accents are frequently translated as American accents from the deep south. This is often done because it's a popular belief that people from Osaka are like Texans in personality. The most famous Osaka to Southern dub, is the Azumanga Daioh anime. Amongst anime fans, the topic of whether Osaka should be translated into a southern accent is very debatable. Some believe Brooklyn accents are a more fitting equivalent.