Japanese/Reader/第三夜/Part 1

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Story[edit | edit source]



I had a dream.

I was carrying a six year old child on my back. I am sure that it was my own child. The strange thing is, at some point in its life it had gone blind and had its head shaved. I asked it when it had gone blind, to which it replied a long time ago. Its voice was definitely the voice of a child; however, it spoke like an adult. Moreover, as an equal.

Vocab[edit | edit source]


To do:

Kanji Kana English Notes
ゆめ dream
見る みる see
六つ むっつ six year old
子供 こども child
負って おぶって carry on one's back, bear Old reading, normally read おう
慥に たしかに certainly, for sure Obsolete kanji, normally written in kana
自分 じぶん me, myself
ただ but
不思議 ふしぎ strange, extraordinary
こと thing
何時の間にか いつのまにか at some point
潰れて つぶれて lose vision
青坊主 あおほうず shaved head
お前 おまえ you
何時 いつ when
かい colloquial form of
聞く きく ask
むかし a long time ago
emphatic partical
答えた こたえた answer, reply
こえ voice
に相違ない にそういない without doubt
言葉つき ことばつき way of speaking
まるで completely
大人 おとな adult
しかも moreover
対等 たいとう equal
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