Japanese/Reader/第三夜/Part 5

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Story[edit | edit source]



Indeed, reaching up to my waist was a marker stone. To the left was Higakubo, to the right Hottahara. Despite the darkness, the red letters were bright. They were the color of the underbelly of a newt.

"Left is good," ordered the boy. I looked to the left, and the forest cast onto our heads a dark shadow that stretched from the sky. I hesitated a bit.

Vocab[edit | edit source]


To do:

Kanji Kana English Notes
なるほど sure enough
八寸角 はっすんかく eight sun square 1 sun = 3 cm
いし stone
こし waist
ほど to the extent of
高さ たかさ height
立って たって stand
おもて front
左り ひだり left normally writen as just
日ケ窪 ひがくぼ Higakubo place name
みぎ right
堀田原 ほったはら Hottahara place name
ある exist
やみ dark
だのに despite
赤い あかい red
井守 いもり newt
はら belly
いろ color
ひだり left
好い いい good normally written as いい
小僧 こぞう boy
命令 めいれい command
見る みる see
最先 さっき a while ago
もり forest
かげ shadow
高い たかい high
そら sky
自分ら じぶんら ourselfs
あたま head
うえ top
抛げかけて なげかけて throw upon
躊躇 ちゅうちょ hesitate

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