Japanese/Reader/第三夜/Part 4

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Story[edit | edit source]



"What are you laughing at?"

The child didn't answer.
"Father, am I heavy?"
"You're not heavy," I answered.
"I'm going to get heavy," it said. I stayed silent and walked toward the forest. The path between the rice paddys meandered irregularly, I was not able to cross as I imagined. After a while, there was a fork in the road. I stood there and rested a little.
"There should be a stone around here somwhere," said the child.

Vocab[edit | edit source]


To do:

Kanji Kana English Notes
なに what
笑う わらう laugh
子供 こども child
返事 へんじ reply
ただ but
御父さん おとっさん father colloqial form
重い おもい heavy
聞いた きいた ask
重かあない おもかあない not heavy colloquial form
答える こたえる answer
いま now
いった said
自分 じぶん myself
黙って だまって quiet, silent
もり forest
目標 めじるし sign, landmark
行った いった went
rice paddy
なか among
みち road, path
不規則 ふきそく irregularly
思う おもう think
二股 ふたまた fork
また fork
center, root
立って たって stand
ちょっと a bit, a while
休んだ やすんだ rest (past tence)
いし stone
小僧 こぞう boy
云った いった say not normally written in kanji
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