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One of the best ways of learning the Turkish language is to read Turkish things. Below you will find a list of newspapers and magazines which will help build up your knowledge of Turkish.

Dergiler (Magazines)[edit | edit source]

Magazines are a good way to both learn colloquial language and to learn the terms used in your field(s) of interest.

Coğrafya (Geography)[edit | edit source]

Edebiyat (Literature)[edit | edit source]

Erkek (Men)[edit | edit source]

Genç (Teens)[edit | edit source]

Kadın (Women)[edit | edit source]

Kültür ve Siyaset (Culture & Politics)[edit | edit source]

Moda (Fashion)[edit | edit source]

Müzik (Music)[edit | edit source]

Tasarım (Design)[edit | edit source]

Teknoloji (Technology)[edit | edit source]

Velilik (Parenting)[edit | edit source]

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