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Learning Turkish, as any other language, is a matter of intense contact, interest and practice of the spoken and written language. The Turkish media may become an endless source for practising and improving your Turkish, to explore the Turkish culture or other interests (history, politics, music, ...).

Below you find real examples from the Turkish television. These are only small bits, not always complete sentences.

The following examples may help you to learn and understand the Turkish used in the media. Please feel free to edit the content, reorganize it, add your words and sentences. Correction of spelling or translation errors is also welcome.

With your contribution this wikibook will, inşallah, grow over time.

  1. Turkish Satellite Television50%.svg
  2. Turkish Music100 percent.svg
  3. Turkish Movies75%.svg
  4. Turkish on the internet100 percent.svg
  5. Turkish newspapers & magazines75%.svg
  6. University Courses Directory00%.svg
  7. http://radiotime.com/genre/c_163/Turkish.aspx

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