Turkish/Compound Verbs

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There are 3 ways to make compound verbs in Turkish.

1. Using auxiliary verbs (or light verbs), such as olmak (to be), etmek (to do/make), yapmak (to do/make), kılmak (to do/make), eylemek (to do/make) with a noun.

Kahvaltı yapmak (To have breakfast) - Kahvaltı ettikten sonra yola çıktık (We set out after we had breakfast)

Telefon etmek (To phone) - Bana telefon ettiğinde uyuyordum (I was sleeping when you phoned me)

  • Kaybolmak (To disappear) - Adam birden bire ortadan kayboldu (The man abruptly disappeared)
  • Kaybetmek (To lose)

Hasta olmak (To be/get ill)

Ödev yapmak (To do homework)

  • Stem word is 'kayıp' which means lost. 'p' turns into 'b'