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Past Continuous Tense

verb stem + present tense suffix + past tense suffix + personal ending(in 3.plural person the personal ending comes before the past tense suffix.)

for example,"gelmek (to come)":
Gel + iyor + du + m -->Geliyordum. (I was coming.)
Geliyordun. (You were coming.)
Geliyordu. (He/She/It was coming.)
Geliyorduk. (We were coming.)
Geliyordunuz. (You were coming.)
Geliyorlardı. (They were coming.)

Another example,"gülümsemek (to smile)":
gülüms(e is fallen)+ üyor+ du +m --> Gülümsüyordum.(I was smiling.) Gülümsüyordun. (You were smiling.)
Gülümsüyordu. (He/She/It was smiling.)
Gülümsüyorduk. (We were smiling.)
Gülümsüyordunuz. (You were smiling.)
Gülümsüyorlardı. (They were smiling.)
Past Continuous Tense

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